10K training week 17 of 20: The Peaking Phase, by David Holt

Perfect your running form. You use less oxygen when running efficiently.

This web page is based on running 30 miles per week? Go here if you're running 40-60 miles per week

Relatively new runners.

Novice beginners move to Interval training, but will run 300s
and 400s at 5K race pace. In week 19 it will be 600s at 5 seconds per mile
slower than 5K race pace. See

Interval training insights week 9.

Moderately experienced runners at 10K racing on 30 miles per week

The second or third time through this training schedule should have allowed you to start
your interval training at week 13. You now have another three weeks to perfect your
relaxed running at 2 mile to 5K race pace, at 100 to 95 percent of your VO2 Maximum
Uptake Capacity. Donít strain to run faster than 2 mile pace; it brings you no benefit for
10K racing at this level. 300s at 2 mile pace; 400s at between 2 mile and 5K pace; and
600s at 5K pace are your next three sessions. Run three miles of reps each week. Week 20
will be only 2 miles of reps.

Started interval training in week 9?

If you started your interval training at week 9, but you were unable to pass the interval
test at week 13, then youíve had 8 weeks of short interval training. It is time for you to
move up to long intervals at close to VO2 max. Wise runners will be conservative. Week
17, run 3-4 x 600 at 2 mile pace, followed by 300s at the same speed as a taster for the
next time through this schedule. Week 18, 3 x 1,000 at 5K pace, then 5 x 400 at the same
pace. Week 19, 2 x one mile at 5 mile race pace (about half way between 5K and 10K
pace...or 1.5 seconds per lap faster than 10K pace); follow those with 5 x 300 at 2 mile
pace. Move back to 3 x 600 and 5 x 300 when resting in week 20, but cruise the 600s
effortlessly at 5K pace. See week 13 or 14 if you want to run the long reps faster; you may like
to save the faster running for next year.

10K training week 13 of 20...long reps introduction

Experienced modest mileage runners

The most advanced runners will be repeating the
three main sessions of long intervals at 2 mile to 5K race pace, but they will
practice running them at that pace with less and less effort. You are all
becoming more efficient runners. See

10K training week 14 of 20...more on long reps at VO2 max

A 5K race 2-3 weeks pre Redondo 10K would
be ideal for all runners.

Retain your 10-12 mile run for this week and next; you need to maintain your endurance.

Runners who do two quality sessions will generally run hills in week 17, anaerobic threshold in week 18, and a relaxed yet quality fartlek session in week 19. Advanced runners are an exception, theymay be running a session of short intervals in addition to their long intervals. Do keep it fun though; hilly fartlek at 5K effort has a lot going for it!

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10K training week 18 of 20...a hint of resting up, and a 5K race
Summary of 20 week 10K training schedule for 30 mile per week runners with connections to all 20 weeks

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