Slight mileage decrease and practice race pace by running a 5K race

Long runs...distance and intensity.

If youíve been running twelve milers, cut down to ten. been running at 70
percent of maximum heartrate, decrease to 65 percent. Prefer your calculation
in speed? Slow those long runs by 10-15 seconds per mile. 
Cut a mile off of one or both of your easy 6-7 mile runs.
Keep to three miles of speedwork for your interval sessions. Donít run faster
this week, but practice running the same speed with less effort. Run with
good form.

This web page is based on running 30 miles per week? Go here if you're running 40-60 miles per week

Cross training and weight training

If youíve been cross training, cut it by 25 % this week, by another 25 % next
week, and hardly do any in week 20. Clean your bicycle instead of riding it!
If youíve been weight training, cut down to fewer sets and decrease the
weight lifted by 10-20 percent. One set of weights will give you 75 % of the
benefits from lifting three sets. Put your muscles through their range of
motion, but keep it gentle. 

Running your first 5K race?

If this is your 5K race week, donít rest up much for it. Cut 2 miles off your
last run, and practice running the first mile of the 5K with somewhat tired
muscles. Run the first mile closer to 10K pace than 5K pace to prepare for
your 10K race...then speed up to 5K pace for the remaining 2.1 miles.
The speed difference between 5K and 10K race pace is 10-16 seconds per
mile, which is 2.5 to 4 seconds per quarter mile. The crowds and the
adrenaline rush on race day makes 5K pace seem easy. Backing off by 8-10
seconds for the first mile will prepare you for a perfect first mile in your 10K
race in 2-3 weeks.

Running extra this week or next will hurt your 10K performance. Don't attempt to catch up for runs which you missed. Restrain yourself to current mileage; better yet, run a few miles less to freshen up your running muscles.

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This page is 10K running week 18 of 20: Ease up to peak and practice pace judgement by running a 5K race