The peak of 10K training: Race week (week 20 of 20)

The 99 percent preparation comes to an end. Time to rest up for the One percent
perspiration! Run 60 percent of your usual mileage. Run eight miles instead of
ten miles seven days pre-race. Your interval session drops to two miles or less,
at 5K race pace.

Run that last interval session 3-4 days pre-race.

A few race day reminders

Put all the running you have practiced to good use.
Complete a sensible warm up, stretching and strides.
Run the first mile 3-5 seconds faster than goal pace (unless it is up hill).
Settle into a steady and economical pace with a group of runners.
Pull gently away from these runners when they begin to slow down.
It does not matter if one or two runners tag onto your pace; you may get a chance to use
them later.
Let other runners pull away from you if they increase speed by more than 5 seconds per
Maintain even pace mid-race.
Make your penultimate mile a good one.
Make a long sustained drive to the finish.
Walk then run easy to rid your muscles of lactic acid, and to decrease stiffness from blood pooling.

No shortcuts to fast 10Ks

Runners finding this web page first, and hoping to find a shortcut to fast 10K times can jog back to week one of 10K training...then find the point at which they could enter this 20 week program safely.

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This page is the peak of 10K training: Race week and race day (week 20 of 20)