10K training, week 2 of 20 for 30 miles per week runners

Why Fartlek Running.

Fartlek running recruits more of your fast twitch muscle fibers, bringing
more of your total muscle fibers into the running. With this fast running,
you’ll be conditioning your entire muscle to prepare for 10K racing.
Now that you are in your second week of this 10K race preparation, lets
examine why you should play at speed with fartlek running.

Running more than 30 miles per week? Go here if running 40-60 miles per week

According to former University of Florida coach and author Roy Benson,
“Aerobic speedwork improves flexibility, strength and coordination.” You
will need all three to run a good 10K.

Speedplay or fartlek is a controlled OR uncontrolled system to accomplish
quality aerobic running and speedwork. It can be a “run fast when you feel
like it” session, or you can have a set plan--say 20 efforts of 200 to 300
meters, or 6 half mile efforts. Use sections of the trail or park with the safest footing, or least
traffic, or most mud, or enjoyable slope; then run at easy pace to recover.

Fartlek is a great playtool for: 

Post Long Distance Run Recovery.
After the longest run of the week, fartlek brings pep back to your
legs...gently. Two days after running long, run 100 to 400 meter striders over
varying terrain, at different speeds or paces. Incorporate small hills, or running in dirt or sand for
additional strength.

Quality Aerobic Conditioning.
All distance running helps your aerobic conditioning. However, fartlek’s
speedplay brings in those reluctant fast twitch muscle fibers. Get the entire muscle into action. 
Most 10K runners possess predominantly slow twitch muscle fibers. All
runners should put their muscles through a full range of motion at least twice
a week to maintain good running form, while getting full use from the fast
twitch muscle fibers.
Long fartlek sessions at modest
pace, combined with long runs will improve the endurance of these fast twitch

Leg Strength and Masters Anti-aging.
Fartlek keeps your legs strong as you go through the masters age groups--as
does all speed training. Use it to gain or maintain leg strength at all ages. 
Speedplay stimulates endorphin production inside your body for healing
and health. 

Former Miler or 5,000 Runner?
Keep your legspeed (cadence) with 30-90 second efforts.
Play around with your knee lift and stride length.
Push off from the toes--you can still enjoy the speed.
Run some longer efforts too--a nice relaxed tempo for 3-7 minutes--feel
the power in your legs from your new mileage base. However, don’t run

Coming up from Marathon Running: (some runners think 10K is the highest
form of racing).
Rarely ran speedwork in your marathon preparation? Be gentle with your
first few fartlek runs. Run fartlek once a week for three weeks, then twice a
week for another three weeks before moving on to Phase Two.

Fartlek Pace. 
Run anything from 15K to 5K race pace. Simply enjoy the fast running while
working on your form.

Fartlek running, or speedplay helps you to maintain or develop good running form.

Roy Benson says you should practice, “Running in a fairly straight line for
running efficiency.”
Fartlek Training improves your Flexibility and Running Efficiency...If
you Practice these points:
Let your ankles roll as you glide along.
Feet should be moving backwards when they land on the ground--ready to
propel you forward.
Land with a slightly bent knee, as if onto eggshells. A soft footfall with
flexed knee reduces the pounding.
Land on the outer edge of the heel or mid-foot, then roll inwards to a
neutral position as you move toward push-off.
Push yourself forward powerfully with the calf muscles: By extending the
trail leg to its full length, and 
pushing off from the end of your toes.
Run upright; run tall. Bring the hips forward.
Make your feet hug the buttocks as they swing through on each stride. Whip
those feet through.
	Keep your hands loose and relaxed. A clenched fist transfers its tension to
the shoulders. 
More tips in:

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Training Schedule for Running 30 miles per week.

In case you missed last week, the basic running schedule for 30 miles per week is:
Day one: 10-12 mile easy pace run
Day two: rest
Day three: easy 6 mile run
Day four: Up to three miles of fartlek running, plus warm-up and cooldown
gives you 7 miles
Day five: rest
Day six: easy 7 mile run
Day seven: rest
Total mileage is 30-32
Moderately intensive runners will run fartlek on days three and six, with an
easy run on day four. Day one is unchanged.

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