10K Training: Week 6 of 20. Running long hill reps and using the treadmill for hill running.

10K runners graduate from strength training with hill repeats, weight training and bounding.

Your third type of hill running is to:

Run longer hill reps.

Your short hill reps are likely to be at 5 kilometer race intensity because
youíre running with similar form to a sprinter. Long reps at 15K pace also
give you excellent results. Anaerobic threshold pace is discussed at length in
Week Seven. You can gain huge endurance rewards by running one hill
session out of every four up a long gentle grade. 
Running half a mile to a mile, or 800 meters to 1,500 meters is a
reasonable range. Work on, or think about the elements of form as you run up
the 2-4 percent grade. Mud or other harsh (that is a soft) surface is preferred.
Donít be squeamish about adjusting your style as you negotiate sections with
uneven footing--itís easier to adapt stride length to meet your needs at 15K
pace than at 5K intensity.
Resistance must increase as you get fitter. The second or third time through
this resistance training, find steeper hills, deeper mud or sand, or run longer

Running more than 30 miles per week? Go here if running 40-60 miles per week

For the ludicrously experienced hill runners.

When youíve run 20 or more hill sessions, you can run at 2 mile race pace
intensity for your short hill repeats. For your first year or two of serious
training though, 5K effort is intensive enough.

Experienced Runners Two:

When you reach your flexibility limits, you can add Bounding.
Bounding is a great strength session. Bring it in a few strides at a time.
When running on a soft surface or up a hill, bound forward with an
exaggerated high knee-lift, and a fast running action. Bounce off the toes
forcefully as you power your body up and forward--much higher and further
than usual--then land softly. Do 20-30 meters at a time with a walk down or
jog back recovery. 
If you have wide stairs or steps available, do double leg jumps up them.
Hopping is an effective variation on bounding, and allows you to isolate each
leg. Hop or jump up a grassy slope, in sand, or through mud. Land softly.
Sand is the preferred surface for all these exercises because your legs
struggle to propel you forward, and your arms work to maintain your
balance--you get a whole body workout. You also get a soft landing. Stay tall
and relaxed.
Youíll develop your hip flexors, calves and quadriceps. These stronger
muscles will increase your stride, speed, and decrease your risk of injury.
Include a few minutes of skipping rope for the calves, but limit these
plyometrics. You want to build power to enhance your endurance--you get
fast by being strong--yet you have to avoid the bulk of a sprinter. 

Hill reps on the treadmill.

Competent at running hill repeats? Then youíre ready for threshold pace
running. Not proficient at hill repeats, yet there is more than six weeks to the
big 10K race? Stay with hill training until week fifteen of 20 if you need to.
Not mastered hill running with six weeks left till race day? Move to threshold
pace anyway. You will master hills next time through this training.

Not ready for threshold running? Rotate short, medium and long hill repeats each week until you are proficient at hill running, or you reach week fifteen. Then go to week seven training, which will be the fifteenth week of training for most beginner runners.

Hill Phase Training Schedule for running 30 miles per week.

Day one: 10-12 mile easy pace run. Edge up to 70 percent of maximum heartrate.
Day three: easy 6 mile run
Day four: one to two miles of hill running, plus warm-up and cooldown
gives you 7 miles
Day six: easy 7 mile run
Days two, five and seven: rest
Total mileage is 30-32

10-20 week walk run program for the 5K and 10K
10K training week 5 of 20 moderately intensive hill training and weight training
Summary of 20 week 10K training schedule for 30 mile per week runners with connections to all 20 weeks
10K Running week 7 of 20. Anaerobic Threshold pace running

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This page is 10K Training: Week 6 of 20. Running long hill reps and using the treadmill for hill running.