David Holt's running book: 10K & 5K Running, Training and Racing.

10K runners need muscle strength, strong hearts and good knee lift: Running hills, improves all three aspects. 31 min 10K runner summarizes part two of 10k training...how to use hill repeats as a muscle strengthener in your running schedule.

10K training: Hill running...from Chapter Two of 10K training

10k training: part 1: mileage and long runs in 10k training
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Treadmill hill repeats is a small section from 10K & 5K Running, Training & Racing. See below for more on hill running.

Treadmill hill training

Treadmill machines allow you to set the grade and decide on the length of the hill you will run. No need to run downhills during the recovery. Your recovery can be close to the speed which you were running up hill.

My favorite hill session on a treadmill

starts with running a mile or up to ten minutes warmup. The running warmup is short because I've usually done 20 minutes of weights and 10 of cycling.

I begin the actual hill training

by running a quarter mile at 4 percent grade. The running speed is one and a half minutes per mile slower than ten kilometer pace...very easy when running the flat...but not when you have to raise your knees to account for the grade.

During the recovery quarter, I run at the same speed.

My rest interval is at seven minute miles. Often, we tend to jog in the recovery. The treadmill keeps you honest; you have to keep running at good pace. After a quarter "rest" I repeat the 4 percent rep.

Then I run two each at 5 and 6 percent. To complete a two mile session of hills, I finish with a half mile run...but at only 5 percent elevation. Then a pleasant warmdown, and this very time efficient training is over.

One quirk of treadmill running is that the belt goes faster when you run uphill.

Not all machines of course. Perhaps it's because we are pushing off better with our toes, propelling the belt along, in addition to the motor making it move-- whatever the reason, my machine gives me hill repeats at 6:50 pace, and the recovery running at 7:10 pace. No complaints from me--it's better than the machine forcing me to run it the opposite way.

Increase to three miles or more of hill training.

Running steeper hills will give you faster rewards, but there are greater risks of injuring your achilles. It probably doesn't matter what grade you use. Train at 15k and 5k intensity, plus two mile effort if it suits you. See:

Hill training...the basics, away from the treadmill.
Run a six to eight session buildup of hills as suggested on those pages, then run hills once every 10-14 days while training through the remaining three phases of 10k training.

Use this training schedule to prepare for your 10K race

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10k training part 3: Anaerobic threshold
10k training: part 1: mileage and long runs in 10k training
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