Prudent use of Interval running makes you a faster runner:

Practice good running form and interval training will:

Improve your flexibility and running efficiency...enabling
you to race faster.
Recruit even more of your fast twitch fibers, more of
your total fibers to shift your limbs at this pace. Which:
Improves your leg strength and therefore your stride
length--allowing you to run faster.
Raises your leg turnover or cadence.
Improves overall speed and economy. 
	Your smoother running requires less ATP--your
energy lasts longer. You can run farther at a set pace.
Your pace judgment improves.
You improve your neuromuscular coordination even if
you forget to work on form. 
You breathe deeper--intercostals and diaphragm
muscles develop tone.
Your anaerobic buffering system is enhanced; your
lactate tolerance goes up. Which means that your muscle
fibers will contract despite the presence of high levels of
lactic acid.
The body’s ability to process oxygen improves.
Your aerobic capacity and VO2 maximum rises. 
You’re able to run longer before you reach oxygen
debt...and you’ll be better able to handle that a
given speed. 
You race faster.

Week 12 of 20 for 10K training
Summary of 20 week 10K training schedule for 30 mile per week runners with connections to all 20 weeks

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This page shows running form benefits from interval training: