Six sessions of long intervals for advanced 10K runners.

Week 14 of 20, from David Holt's 10K training program for 30 mile per week runners. These sessions are not for the timid, or under-prepared runners. You will spend a greater proportion of your running time at close to maximum VO2 effort, which raises your VO2 max, while forcing you to run economically.

There's no point in running faster than 2 mile race pace; you can run all the long reps at 5K pace if you wish. However, 2 mile pace for the shorter reps will stimulate greater enzyme activity, stimulate greater oxygen uptake capacity.

Last Week was week 13: you ran 8 x 600 meters at 2 mile race pace 
Week 14: run 4 x 1,200 at 5K race pace
Week 15: run 6 x 800 meters at 2 mile race pace
Week 16: run 3 x one mile at 5K race pace
Week 17: run 6 x 800 at two mile race pace
Then Race 5,000 meters, or run 3 x one mile at 5K race pace
Week 19: run 4 x 1,000 at 5K race pace
Week 20: run 5 x 600 at 2 mile pace

Only run these long reps if you’ve already done 
reps of 600 meters as described in prior interval training weeks. 

Note that you have four weeks of building up. Then you repeat the two key sessions. The last two sessions are shorter distances for the reps, and lower mileage as you rest up to race your 10K.

Alternative sessions including 2,000s at 5 mile race pace.
Week 13 was 600s at 2 mile pace
10K training week 15 of 20
Summary of 20 week 10K training schedule for 30 mile per week runners with connections to all 20 weeks

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This page is the long intervals used to peak for 10K racing. Week 14 of 20.