5K or 10K Running schedule for the moderately intensive runner, or intermediate runners during phase one of 5K or 10K Running, Training & Racing

5K Training Schedule: Integrate your fartlek or speed running into your training schedule. From the mileage base running and fartlek phase of 10K & 5K Running, Training & Racing: The Running Pyramid, the 180 page, 5 phase training book for running and racing great 5Ks and 10Ks by David Holt.

Fartlek: 5K runners playground

The moderately intensive 5K training Schedule

Experienced at 10K or 5K running? Graduate to moderately intensive 5K training, and run at speed twice a week, accumulating eight miles of speedwork each week.

Day one: warmup and cooldown 2 miles each: 4 miles fartlek running = 8
Day two : 12-14 mile easy pace run
Day three: easy 4 mile run
Day four: rest
Day five: similar to Day one
Day six: easy 8 mile run
Day seven: rest
Total mileage is 40-42

The moderately intensive runner has the advantage that he or she can emphasize long efforts of 2-5 minutes during one fartlek run, then later in the week, specialize in running short efforts averaging one minute. During either session, he or she can also run short or long efforts as the terrain or mood strikes the runner. Such is the nature of fartlek running or speedplay.

The above running schedule should be repeated for 8-10 weeks using a variety of surfaces for your fartlek running. Incorporate small hills, or running in dirt or sand for additional strength.

5K running: base mileage and fartlek

Those of you who have run through this schedule before may only need two to four weeks at this phase. You'll be running it as relaxation after a series of races at the end of your last build-up, as a transition from racing longer distances, for regaining fitness after an injury, or perhaps as your vacation running. Then proceed to:

Phase Two: hill training for 5K running & racing
Gentle transition from beginner to intermediate runner

Intensive 5K runners will have been through this schedule at least once already, and will be testing the limits of their bodies with three fartlek runs per week.

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This page is the 5K Running schedule for the moderate intensity or intermediate runners during phase one of 5K Running, Training & Racing