Breast Cancer: 90 % survive, but 43,000 do die each year from it.

Breast cancer cure rate is 90 % when detected and treated early. Very few men get breast cancer, but those who do get breast cancer are more likely to die from it than women. All humans should do monthly breast self examinations.

Regular exercise decreases breast cancer risk by 20 percent. According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, nurses who exercised more than 7 hours per week had 20 percent less breast cancer than those those nurses who did less than one hour of vigorous exercise. Sustained walking is sufficient. The 100 feet from nursing station to patient does not qualify as aerobic exercise.

Breast self examination.

While self examination is no substitute for a mammogram, a monthly check will remind you to keep your MD appointments, and may find a lump. Do the self exam after a warm shower, and concentrate on the upper, outer quadrant close to your armpit. This quarter contains the most breast tissue and threrefore the most lumps. If you find a lump, go to your doctor.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer to hit women.

Though breast cancer is no longer the biggest cancer killer of women, this registered nurse (David Holt) believes mammograms should be free. This year alas, you'll still have to search wide for a free mammogram.

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Don't feel guilty if you don't feel like fighting cancer. According researchers at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sheffield (England), a fighting spirit does not enhance your survival rate from breast cancer. However, feeling hopeless and helpless can be detrimental; serious depression can significantly reduce survival chances. It seems that a gently positive approach will work best.

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