Calories burned by walking and yearly weight loss

Calories burned and yearly weight loss.

Yearly potential weight loss table for walking
1-2 hours per week.

Calories burned and yearly weight loss.
Your weight in pounds 	125	140	160	180	
Calories burned with 
One hour walking at 2 mph	156	174	198	204	

		at 3 mph	251	288	318	336	

		at 4 mph	288	330	366	384	

Sample weight loss for a 160 pound person walking just one hour per week at 3 miles per hour.

Yearly weight loss if all your other activities remain constant will be:
calories burned during one hour at your walking speed 		318 X 1 = 318
times 52 weeks (gives the number of calories per year) = 16,536 calories
divide by 3,500 (number of calories in a pound of blubber)	3,500
for your yearly weight loss of 4.7 pounds.

Increase pace to 4 miles per hour, for 90 minutes per week, and the
numbers become:  1.5 x 366 = 549 x 52 = 28,548 calories or 8.16

Even simpler calorie burn calculation for walking if you dislike tables.

The average calorie burn for one mile of walking or
running is 100. For each mile walked, if done so for 52 weeks, you’ll
lose about 1.5 pounds. By this method, the 3 mph, 60 minutes per
week person would lose 4.5 pounds. Heavier people will burn more
calories of course. These numbers come from

calorie calculator
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