Cancer: Malignant attacks are often provoked by lifestyle.

Four key cancer prevention tips are: give up smoking, avoid polluted environments...including tobacco smoke, eat a balanced diet, and get regular exercise.

According to research at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics, in Dallas, unfit men are 80 percent more likely to die of cancer than fit men. Obese? You guessed it. You're more likely to die from cancer, especially colon, rectum, prostate, kidneys: ladies, lease add endometrium and breast cancer.

Malignant is defined by Websters as highly injurious. In pathology, malignant means an abnormal growth which tends to metastasize. This page is primarily the portal to:

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Specific cancers.

Lung Cancer
Colorectal Cancer, 55,000 deaths
MSNBC Health page on Colon Cancer

Breast Cancer...43,000 deaths

Don't feel guilty if you don't feel like fighting cancer. According researchers at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sheffield (England), a fighting spirit does not enhance your survival rate from breast cancer. However, feeling hopeless and helpless can be detrimental; serious depression can significantly reduce survival chances. It seems that a gently positive approach will work best.

Prostate Cancer
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