Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment can be simple...just take a walk.

A walk at 50 percent of your maximum heartrate is an excellent treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome says British medical school study.

Walk Away From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 
"A lot of different circumstances can result in what we call chronic fatigue
syndrome (CFS)," explains Quentin Regestein, MD. "Chronic fatigue syndrome is
a fruit salad that's flavored by a million different condiments." 
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is very difficult to treat. But a new study offers hope
that for some CFS patients: The treatment is walking. 
At St. Bartholomew's and the Royal London Medical School in Britain,
researchers enrolled 66 patients in a 12-week program of either aerobic exercise
(five days a week) or flexibility training. By the end of the study, twice as many of
the exercisers rated themselves as feeling better, compared with those in the
flexibility group. The exercising group also showed more improvement on
measurements of fatigue (British Medical Journal, June 7, 1997). 
"It's an optimistic observation," says Dr. Regestein, who studies chronic fatigue
and sleep disorders at Brigham & Women's Hospital in Boston. Since the exercise
program consisted mainly of light walking (at about 50% of maximum heart rate),
he suggests that people who want to try this approach "begin with something you
know you can do, then build up from there." Dr. Regestein notes that the benefits
of exercise for CFS patients may go beyond conditioning the body to fight fatigue.
"It is very likely that just getting up and getting out into the daylight regularly
helps to keep you going." 

The above chronic fatigue syndrome advice is adapted from another Internet source. It goes along with the advice I have offered to my brother such as.

Practice walking up the stairs several times a day.
Walk to the end of the yard or garden several times a day.
Use the exercise bicycle at very easy effort level for 2 minutes on a set five days this week; then 3 minutes next week etc. Reach 10 minutes and it will be time to alternate hard with easy days such as:
Day 1: Bike 15 minutes
Day 2: Bike 8 minutes
Day 3: Bike 15 minutes
Day 4: Rest
Day 5: Bike 15 minutes
Day 6: Bike 10 minutes
Day 7: Rest

People with chronic fatigue syndrome, just like the rest of society, will gain great benefit by alternating the type of exercise they do. Walking a few hundred feet each day can be the beginning of an exercise program which will give you more energy. So can giving up smoking and losing weight if they are part of your problem.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment