David Holt...Runner, Author of Running Dialogue (1997) and 10K & 5K Running, Training & Racing: The Running Pyramid (1998), self help aerobic exercise and running advice books.

Running is a process--it never ends. True, we train for a particular race, but there is plenty of pleasurable running and racing afterwards. Here is a little more background on the author of Running Dialogue and 10K & 5K Running, Training & Racing.

Hullo.  I'm a 43 year old Englishman living in Santa Barbara. My main
interests are health, exercise and writing about both. A Registered
Nurse, I also have a Diploma in Orthopedic Nursing. I did my initial
nursing in England; and have worked the last ten years in Southern California.

During the 1980s, I was fortunate enough to train with English Cross-country champion and
top ten in the World at Cross-country, Gerry North. In addition to my 31
minute 10K, the English club system and hard work helped me to a 
15:18 for 5 K and a 71 minute half-marathon. After friends started asking
me for running advice, I formulated the structure for my first running
book, which I wrote in early 1987.

Fortunately for the public, I then did some freelance writing for magazines, and learned still more about running. In 1996 I decided it
was time to set my knowledge to print. The format is unchanged from the original  of 10 years ago--10 parts which explore...
well, look at the table of contents.

I've placed the contributions from experts in boxes; you will not be
slowed down by constant intrusions in the main text. 

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10K & 5K Running, Training & Racing
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Sample Chapter from Running Dialogue
Recreational running: 5k racing on low mileage, 15-25 week preparation for race
David's 5K to marathon training advice at Bigstep web site
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