Death is Fatal: more than ten reasons to walk.

Lack of exercise is fatal: Walking or other regular aerobic exercise decreases your risk of death from heart attacks and stroke. Aerobic exercise decreases your pain or perception of pain, decreases hypertension, glaucoma, tummy fat and osteoporosis. Aerobic exercise increases cancer survival rate. Walking can extend your life.

"Death has a very high mortality rate," Consensus 2,000.

Walking: The simple exercise.

10 weeks of exercise to walk, jog or run a fun run 5K

Walking is one of the best, most convenient fitness activities. With a good
pair of shoes, most people can walk. Here are ten good reasons to walk.

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1. Walking extends your life.

Walk to a Longer life.
According to a 12-year study, (New England Journal of Medicine, Jan 8,
1998), retired men who walked more than 2 miles a day lived longer than
those who walked less than a mile a day. Only 23.8% of the 14 mile plus per
week group died during that time; yet 40.5% died from the lower mileage
group during the study period. 

Coronary heart disease or CHD caused 476,124 deaths in 1996. See this CHD page.

Walking reduces heart attack risk, CHD and helps you lose weight

Women too!

3 hours per week of brisk walking decreased heart attacks by nearly 40 percent. 5 hours per week ladies cut their risk by over 50 percent. (According to analysis of the 72,488 women in the Nurses Health Study)

2. Walking lowers stroke risk

3. Save your gallbladder.

Exercise and simply being active decreases gallstone surgery risk
4. Hypertensives wake up! Exercise decreases blood pressure.

The higher your blood pressure is, the higher your risk of circulatory diseases. Use regular exercise and healthy eating to lower your risk from a slew of hypertension related ailments. High blood pressure increases your hearts workload.

No time for exercise? According to researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, 10 minutes of aerobic exercise will decrease blood pressure. 20-30 minutes would be better, but surely you can find 10 minutes to preserve your life. Morticians can't preserve your life; regular, modest amounts of exercise will delay your visit to the mortician!

5. Exercise decreases the severity of, and decreases the side effects from diabetes

See also:

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6. Stronger bones & fewer fractures, see this Osteoporosis page

Halt osteoporosis. 
According to the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, vol 12, 1997,
women over the age of 50 who currently walk (or cycle outdoors) for more
than 30 minutes a day are 20% less likely to develop dowager's hump as a
result of osteoporosis. 

A one percent increase in bone mass, or holding on to one more percent of your bone mass, decreases your fracture risk by 2 percent.

7. Decrease belly fat and body weight.

Trim your belly. Get rid of tummy fat. According to the International Journal
of Obesity, vol 21, 1997, walking 4 or more hours a week reduced women's
risk of gaining weight around their waists by 16%. Researchers tracked
more than 44,000 women for 10 years.  

According to JAMA October 27, 1999, about 300,000 people per year die in the United States from obesity. Fat kills in concert with some of the above diseases.

According to a researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, people with a lot of abdominal fat are more likely to have hardened arteries, and suffer from cardiovascular disease. Apples are good for you but don't become apple shaped. Fat kills skinny guys with an overhanging belly too. The best way to lose belly fat is to exercise more and to eat less. Crunches will tone the muscles, but burn very few calories.

Improve your cholesterol count
see also...Weight loss and weight management
Calories burned and yearly weight loss from walking or running

8. Decrease eyesight loss from Glaucoma.

Improve your eyesight.
Glaucoma is the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in the US, and
results from an increase in eye pressure. When sedentary people began a
three times a week, brisk walking program-those with glaucoma reduced
their eye pressure by 20%. People without glaucoma also experienced a
9% reduction in eye pressure. (American Academy of Ophthalmology's
annual meeting, Oct 1997)

9. Walking decreases the pain of arthritis.

10. Exercise elevates mood and the enjoyment of time spent on this planet.

Regular exercise is an effective way to release tension and reduce anxiety. Exercise will use up some of those debilitative fight or flight chemicals. Reduce your stress levels but also release your muscle tension and your restlessness with exercise.

If you've been inactive for 40 plus years you can still gain mental acuity and increase your oxygen intake ability. Studies at University of Illinois with formerly sedentary 60-75 year olds showed just that. Late life exercising is better than no exercising.

Need more than ten reasons to exercise?

Less breast cancer.

Regular exercise also decreases breast cancer risk by 20 percent. According to the Archives of Internal Medicine, nurses who exercised more than 7 hours per week had 20 percent less breast cancer than nurses who did less than one hour of vigorous exercise. Sustained walking is sufficient. The 100 feet from nursing station to patient does not qualify as aerobic exercise.

According to research at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics, in Dallas, unfit men are 80 percent more likely to die of cancer than fit men. Obese? You guessed it. You're more likely to die from cancer, especially colon, rectum, prostate, kidney and for the ladies, endometrium and breast cancer.

Exercise reduces Tylenol needs.

Aerobic exercise reduces chronic headaches by reducing stress, increasing your endorphins, (a natural analgesic), and by decreasing insomnia.

Problems with Insomnia...exercise is better than a Restoril

Regular aerobic exercise such as running improves the quality of your sleep and decreases the time that it takes to fall asleep. Both make you more productive and content during your active hours.

The secrets to gaining health benefits from exercise are:

to exercise regularly;
to exercise at a brisk pace; and to 
exercise for about forty minutes at a time.

Start walking or another gentle (at first) exercise today. Build slowly to 40
minutes, 3-5 times per week to decrease your death risk from heart
attacks, stroke and many other ailments, while increasing your overall

10 weeks of exercise to walk, jog or run a fun run 5K

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Gentle and enjoyable exercise is the key to regular healthy exercise and a healthy life
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