Avoid Gallbladder surgery for gallstones

According to a study at the Harvard School of Public Health,
women who exercise two to three hours per week cut their
gallbladder surgery by 31 percent compared with women who
donít exercise at all.
Over 300,000 women have their gallbladders taken out each
Obesity and rapid weight loss increase the risk of gallstones.
So lose weight slowly.
As 80 percent of the gallstones in this country are solid
cholesterol, lowering your cholesterol level should help avoid
the gallbladder cut.
Women with desk jobs are more likely to need their
gallbladders removed...especially if you are also inactive. You
can be a whopping 132 times more likely to need gallbladder
surgery as someone with active work and recreational habits.

According to a UCSF study, Vitamin C in the bloodstream decreases gallbladder disease risk in women by 34 percent. So eat your oranges and tomatoes, or drink your Vitamin C. Or, if you don't want the other health nenefits from fruits, simply pop a vitamin pill. Sorry men, vitamin C does not decrease your gallstone risk.

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