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Gentle and enjoyable exercise is the key to regular healthy exercise and a healthy life
10 to 20 week walk run program for the 5K and 10K
Weeks 11-20 of walk to jog to running 5K and 10Ks
Exercise heartrate for steady fitness gains
Regular Walking or Running reduces death rate from circulatory diseases
Reduce heart attack risk by 46 percent
Heart attack symptoms...exercisors not immune
American Heart Association web site
Walking to lower stroke risk
Death is fatal: Ten reasons to exercise.
Osteoporosis prevention page
Cancer advice page
Prostate Cancer page
Colon and rectal cancer page
Calories burned and yearly weight loss from walking or running
Weight loss and weight dozen ways to lose 10 pounds per year.
Walking as treatment for chronic fatigue
Young and old runners: Mileage, body weight and nutrition
Improve your cholesterol count
Fat reduction pills will not make your heart stronger
Zone diet and 40:30:30 energy bar myths
Dumping syndrome...too much simple sugar
Stretching for calf muscles and achilles tendon
Stretching safety hints
Recreational running and jogging
Recreational marathon running and walking
Beginning to run: Reasons to run or jog
Jogging or running, you make the call
Weight training
David's Sports nutrition main page
Sports and running injury prevention
David's Bigstep web site

10K & 5K Running and Training
Running 5K to the Marathon. Humor, nutrition, injury advice and essays for all training levels.
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