7 marathon training pages; 3 on half marathon running; 5 each at 10k and 5k; plus 8k, 12k, 30k, running injury and diet

Marathon Training--intermediate to advanced
Marathon Training phase one...hills / resistance training
Marathon Training phase two...anaerobic threshold
Marathon Running phase three...VO2 max intervals
Marathon Training phase 4, rest
Speed sessions for 10K and Marathon racing
Marathon down to 5K at www.runningbook.com

The other running pages.

David Holt's second running book: 10K & 5K Running, Training and Racing.
Summary of 20 week 10K training program
Week One of 20 week 10K training program at 30 miles per week
5k training and racing...the first of five pages for the 5k runner
Sample Chapter from Running Dialogue...Chapter Five, Long Reps at Threshold Pace
Bicycle Cross Training
Weight Training for runners as Cross / Resistance Training
David's Running Homepage
Sports Diet and Nutrition
Running Injury Prevention
Running book details
Essay 5k v 15k pace Track Night Banter
VO2 max prediction and training
Hill training and running at VO2 max pace...typically 2 mile to 5k race pace
10k training...mileage and strength and access to four other parts of 10k training
Week 14 of 20 week 5K & 10K training program
12K distance running, racing and training advice
Half marathon training...first element...mileage and hills for strength
Long runs-20 mile racing
Sarcomere--muscle contraction unit
Recreational running: 5k racing on low mileage, 15-25 week preparation for race, or public safety fitness test
Jogging or running, you make the call

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David Holt's second running book: 10K & 5K Running, Training and Racing.
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