Lung Cancer kills about 158,900 people each year in the United States.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths, or cancer mortality. Lung cancer strikes 171,600 Americans each year, and successfully kills over 92 percent of its victims. Only liver and pancreatic cancer achieve a higher kill rate.

Don't smoke, plus avoid smokers and their habitats.

Tobacco smoking causes about 80 percent of all lung cancers. Lung cancer to the smokers, plus to thousands of innocent passive smokers murdered by the smokers.

More efficient ways to get nicotine into your body.

Nicotine patches deliver a steady dose of the most addictive drug on the planet...and cause no cancer. You'll even wake up with your blood saturated with nicotine. Nicotine gum gives your mouth something to do, and helps you cope with needs for a sudden nicotine rush. There are also drugs such as Zyban which may decrease your nicotine appetite.

Exercise to decrease your lung cancer risk.

According to research at the Cooper Institute for Aerobics, in Dallas, unfit men are 80 percent more likely to die of cancer than fit men. Obese? You guessed it. You're more likely to die from cancer. 30 minutes of gentle exercsie 5 days per week while maintaining a healthy weight decreases your risk of lung cancer while also increasing your chances of surviving lung cancer. However, not smoking is even more effective at reducing your cancer risk, and reduces your risk of death from cancer.

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Lung Cancer kills about 158,900 people yearly in the USA. Lung cancer has 92 percent mortality rate.