10 interval sessions for marathon runners. 10 weeks of intervals increases running efficiency, resulting in faster marathons.

Intervals for the first time, check this page

Interval progression: Be patient with your running.

	One of the aims of interval running is to get the body
used to running fast for a long (overall) period of time.
Interval work allows you to do huge amounts of mileage at
fast running pace--yet without wearing yourself out. Achieve
the target speed, then emphasize improving endurance at
that speed.

Add about half a mile of reps each time you do a particular
session. For instance, a nine session program might look
like this.
12 times 300 meters at two mile pace
10 x 400 meters at 5k pace
8 x 600 meters at 5k pace
15 x 300 at two mile pace
10 x 400 ONE second per rep faster than 5k pace
10 x 600 at 5k pace
either 18 x 300 at two mile pace; or, 15 but with a shorter
10 x 400 at two mile pace (2 seconds a lap faster than 5k
12 x 600 at 5k pace
Note how each distance progresses in a different way.
Only you and your body can set the limit on the number of
reps. Each time you increase the speed of your reps, a
greater proportion of the repetition is anaerobic. As you get
stronger; as your muscles get used to the new speed; as
your body learns to process more oxygen, (with a nudge
from your steady runs), it becomes more aerobic. Over a
series of interval sessions, the anaerobic training changes
to aerobic training: You will be able to race faster.
You can make a conscious effort to run every fourth rep a
second or two faster to break up the session.
	You need to avoid running 400s or 200s week in, week out.
Doing the same session will only make you good at running
that session. The 200s and 300s do something for you
which the 400s wonít. Donít miss out on their benefits.

Progress will be phenomenal for several sessions, but be
prepared for it to slow as you get close to your
potential--the potential at your current level of training.
Keep the speed of reps in a proper relationship to your race
pace. 	Run the 300s at 3,000 meters (or two mile) pace;
run 400s at 5,000 meters pace. Gradually increase the
speed of 400s to run 3000 meter pace. Aim towards 6,000
meters worth in each interval session.

Marathon running phase three...interval training

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This page is 10 interval sessions for marathon runners. 10 weeks of intervals increases running efficiency =s faster marathons.