Beginning to Run: Recreational running and jogging

Running or jogging is the simplest exercise and a pleasant change and more stimulating exercise than walking. Power walkers and race walkers need not run, but most other walkers will benefit from adding jogging or running to their exercise routine.

Learn the fundamentals of regular exercise with Running Dialogue author David Holt.

How many reasons do you need to run:
1. Pleasure--the sport makes you feel good
2. Fitness, self-esteem and confidence increase
3. Relaxation from stress
4. Improved health--you’ll lose weight
5. To compete with and against others or the clock. 

If you are able to walk, you can probably run.
and at little expense. (No court or course cost, minimal equipment cost)
and, you can run anytime and anywhere.

Running Dialogue will help the new or inexperienced runner. 
Running Dialogue will help the experienced runner.
Running Dialogue will help you through a three mile or a 5K fitness run, or 
your first or a faster marathon.

	Work through each part of Running Dialogue at your own pace; stop 
at any level.
	Part one will get you through the first three benefits of running, and 
you'll join the millions who enjoy this pleasurable activity.
	By part three, you'll be able to plan your own training schedules. 

	There's also substantial advice on injury avoidance and treatment, 
plus nutrition and essays.

	The experienced runner will be prodded into reviewing old training 
schemes and running habits; to introduce new training sessions. 
	Running information is tossed around from both sides of the 
Atlantic--from experts and from discussion with fellow runners--and most 
experts are also runners.

	Your target may be running a sub 70 minute ten miles, or a sub 70 
half-marathon. It can be running a sub 30 minute five miles or a sub 30 
minute 5 kilometers. If you're willing to commit minimal time to running, 
(more than the ten minutes a day the TV commercials make you dream of 
getting fit with--but less than the time most people waste watching TV), and 
set a realistic target, this running book will show you how to achieve your 

10-20 week walk run program for the 5K and 10K
Jogging or running, you make the call
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Learn the fundamentals of regular exercise with Running Dialogue author David Holt.