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Running Injury Prevention
and Treatment,

5K to the marathon.

Contents of "Running Dialogue"

Introduction...showing how the 6 million who run 15 miles a
week can include speedwork to help their occasional race. Tips on
making time for exercise.	
Part one							
Chapter 1...Foundations...Meet the coach...the beginning of the
book for the new runner; running basics and building to:		
Chapter 2...40 minute runs, five times a week. Coping with
animals, weather etc.	
Part two							
Chapter 3...To speedwork and running style...sedately. 		
Chapter 4...Then run faster with good form.	
Part three							
Chapter 5...Run long repetitions at good pace (anaerobic threshold)
for speed endurance...then						
Chapter 6...Continuous Tempo runs and racing.	
Part four
Chapter 7...Return to strength work, building mileage.	
Chapter 8...Muscle strength from resistance training...running hills,
mud, sand, wind.						
Chapter 9...Cross-training: bicycle, weights, swim.	
Part five						
Chapter 10...Interval Running Basics...400s, and the others
...the early phase.						
Chapter 11...Interval running...progression over the months
and years.						
Chapter 12...Running Intervals...making them specific to 
your race distance; the speeds to run at.			
How to train in a group. 
Training schedule for a 12K race.
Part six							
Chapter 13...Tuning up before races, and ten special running 
sessions to improve your race speed.				
Chapter 14...The two key running paces to enhance your 
racing--Long reps at mile and two mile race pace.		
Chapter 15...Peaking for races...the many ways to
rest up for a race...the speed sessions to run while resting much running to do...don’t de-train.			
Chapter 16...Racing pitfalls...hypo and hyperthermia.
	Giving blood.	
Part seven						
Chapter 17...Running Injury prevention which alludes to:		
Chapter 18...Stretching.					

Part eight is Chapter 19...Running Injury treatments.	
Part nine							
Chapter 20...Training phases--a yearly system.
Life-long running philosophy.	
Chapter 21...Running the to train for it after years
of running and racing...or if you must do so, go straight
from chapter 6 fitness.					
Chapter 22...Diet...2 dangers being hyped by the
marketers, zone diet, sports nutrition bars and sport gels.	
Part ten...Running Essays on 			
The correct pace to train for 5K races; 			
Altitude training; 						
Race Organization; Volleyball; World records;		
Swimming and Dreams					
Smog exposure; 						
Hood to coast relay; 					
Track night banter.						
From Scott Douglas						
Peer review and Pismo					
Pace charts...VO2 max and anaerobic
threshold pace based on your mile speed			
Recommended Reading					

40 mile per week intermediate running schedule for the 5K
10-20 week walk run program for the 5K and 10K
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Sample Chapter from Running Dialogue...Chapter Five, Long Reps at Threshold Pace
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"Running Dialogue" includes contributions from: Nike Running camp, and former University of Florida coach Roy Benson; Olympic Bronze and multi World cross-country champ Lynn Jennings’ coach, John Babington; Injury expert John Pagliano; Exercise Physiologist, Jack Daniels. Steve Ovetts’ coach, Harry Wilson: The designer of Sebastian Coes training, Frank Horwill; American record breaker Gary Tuttle. And Igloe disciple Janos Ronaszeki

Buy Running Dialogue Today! ">Running Dialogue, 280 pages, $17.95, by David Holt. Training for the 5K to the Marathon, for beginners and experienced runners, with extensive injury prevention and treatment advice, nutrition, cartoons and inspirational essays, at
David Holt's second running book: 10K & 5K Running, Training and Racing.
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