Changing your running from Beginner or Low Intensity 5K or 10K Training toward Moderate intensity 5K or 10K Running, with minimal injury risk.

Sudden changes to training bring high injury risk.

Here is the basic beginners training schedule.

Day one: easy 8 miles
Day two : 12-14 mile easy pace run
Day three: easy 4 mile run
Day four: rest
Day five: 4 miles of speedwork running (hill reps would be two miles)
Day six: easy 8 mile run
Day seven: rest
Total mileage is 40-42

The ultra conservative move to moderate intensity running is to change one quarter of a mile of Day One's mileage to quality running each week for eight weeks; then run at that level for an entire training cycle of 20-50 weeks. Your day one run could be:

Within the context of your 8 mile run:
week one: run 4 times 100 meter striders at 5K pace
week two: run 4 x 200 meter striders at 5K pace
week three: 4 x 200 meters, + 4 x 100 meters. Run half of them up hill or in sand or mud.
week four: run 4 x 400 meters at 5K pace
week five: Hilly fartlek running for one and a quarter miles
week six: 3 x 800 meters at threshold running pace (15K pace)
week seven: run 5 x 400 at 5K pace, + 4 x 200 meters
week eight: two times one mile of threshold running

Then, run the type of training on day one as suggested on the moderate intensity training schedules. Restrain yourself to these half sessions for several months. Ease up to the full four mile sessions once your muscles have adapted to the increased intensity.

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5K Beginner hill training schedule
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5K Beginner running intervals schedule
5K intermediate running schedule for 40 miles per week
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This page is transition from Beginner or Low Intensity 5K or 10K Training to Moderate intensity 5K or 10K Running.