Averaging 1.5 miles of Walking or Running reduces Death Rate from heart and other circulatory diseases.

Walking, running and other aerobic exercise reduces heart attack risk by reducing blood clots, irregular heartbeats and the buildup of fatty deposits in arteries.

Coronary artery disease or CAD is a partial blocking of the coronary arteries which supply the heart muscle with its nutrients. Coronary artery disease often leads to angina pectoris or cardiac arrest.

Coronary heart disease or CHD caused 476,124 deaths in 1996. Exercising for 14 minutes, 5 days per week can decrease your death risk from CHD by 46 percent. see

Reduce heart attack risk by 46 percent

Exercise is not hard work.

Gentle exercise such as walking or slow running gives you:
More Energy
Better circulation...which decreases death rate from the biggest killer of man: Circulation
related diseases:
heart disease, 
moderate exercise also decreases obesity, can improve mood, relieve depression and
anxiety, and has helped arthritis pains.

Decades of research on exercise and health confirms what Issac Newton hypothesized centuries ago.

"A body at rest tends to stay at rest," permanently.

According to the Surgeon General's Office of the United States decades of research on
exercise and health show that a sedentary lifestyle kills you. Your body needs exercise. 
The Surgeon general confirms that heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and colon cancer
can be directly related to a sedentary lifestyle. 

How much exercise do you need.

Research shows that to reduce your risk of dying from these diseases, you need to burn at
least 150 extra calories a day through moderate physical activity. (For most people,
walking or running one and a half miles per day will burn 150 calories.) 
150 calories per day represents over 15 pounds of fat per year...which will either be
coming off of your overweight body, or will not be going onto your body to make you
According to the report, moderate effort will have tremendous health benefits for those
who are now inactive...exercising longer or at a higher rate of intensity will have an
additional positive impact on your health, fitness and well-being. 

Exercising before your heart attack or stroke increases your chance of surviving the event, and decreases the damage to your heart or brain during the event.

Most heart attack sufferers knew that they should exercise for good health, but they failed
to put the knowledge into action.

10.5 miles per week is the goal.

Secrets to maintaining regular but gentle exercise.
Be confident that you can exercise regularly, enjoy the activity, get support from others,
remember the positive benefits from exercise, overcome any barriers. 
Get more education about the benefits of exercise, then just do it. 	

As writer Kathy Smith said in an article, lack of energy is the number one excuse for not exercising regularly. If you don't exercise you will not be fit. If you're unfit you will not be able to exercise. So start slowly, today.

Note: According to a study by Dr. Robert D. Abbott of the University of Virginia School of Medicine, reported in the July 99 issue of Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, men who walk greater than 1.5 miles per day have less than half the risk of heart attacks as those who average less than one quarter of a mile per day. Newton was right !

10-20 week walk run program for the 5K and 10K
Reduce heart attack risk by 46 percent
Gentle and enjoyable exercise is the key to regular healthy exercise and a healthy life
Calories burned and yearly weight loss from walking or running
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Death is fatal: Nine other reasons to exercise.
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Averaging more than 10.5 miles of Walking or Running per week reduces Death Rate from heart and other circulatory diseases.

The higher your cholesterol, the higher is your risk of a heart attack. The higher your blood pressure is, the higher your risk of a heart attack. Regular exercise and healthy eating will lower both.

Smokers have double the risk of a heart attack than non-smokers.

Smokers can cut their heart attack risk in half by giving up nicotine. Smokers are are also more likely to die from their heart attack.

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