1936 Olympics in 3D

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These stereoscopic photographs were scanned from stereo pairs that accompanied the book Die Olympischen Spiele 1936. This book was published in Germany soon after those Olympics. My good friend from St. Louis, Steve Best, a long time 3D buff, loaned me this book for the purpose of constructing this web page. The book itself contains a narrative description of the spectacle, and a listing of the winners of the various events. A few of the stereo images are pasted into the book, but most of them are held in pockets recessed into the thick back cover. The entire set consists of 100 pairs. The front cover contains another pocket designed to hold the folding metal viewer. This viewer somewhat resembles the magnifier you see in old newsreels being used to view reconnaissance photos, and is well made, with glass lenses held in a nickel-plated eyepiece. The photos are not transparent, so the construction of the viewer is open to allow light to strike the front of the photos.
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Adolph Hitler Greets the Hundred Thousand
Adolph Hitler and Guests
Leni Riefenstahl Visits American Athletes
Spectators in Olympic Stadium
Ladies Diving
The Olympic Flame
The Lighting of the Olympic Flame
Honoring the Olympic Champions
Sculpture in Front of New Reichschancellery
Young Autograph Hounds
Nothing to Do with Olympics
Moviecamera Captures the Action
VIP Fans
Olympic Fans
Press Headquarters
Saluting the Winners
Typical German Sculpture
Men's 100M Freestyle
Mobile TV Unit
Olympic Official
Youth Honor Guard
Pole Vault
The First Televised Olympics

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