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Last modified August 19, 2001

BERy 5734 on JDERHS charter 10/6/91. Photo by J. N. White. MBTA 3260 on JDERHS charter 10/18/92. Photo by J. N. White.

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About the JDERHS

The Jack Doyle Electric Railway Historical Society is an informal collection of friends and streetcar fans who travel several times per year to charter and ride historic street railway equipment in cities which offer such charters. The beginnings of the group go back to 1984, when Chicagoan John F. Doyle began operating annual summer charters in Toronto, Ontario - a tradition that celebrated its fifteenth year in 1999! Jack later began to arrange and host charters in other cities, and over the years the group of "regulars" on Jack's charters has expanded to include fans from Chicago, Montreal, Boston, Toronto, and elsewhere. In the giddy aftermath of a June 1996 blitz in San Francisco during which no less than four streetcars (two PCCs, a Peter Witt, and a MUNI Iron Monster) were chartered over a two-day weekend, Jack's friends decided to create a "historical society" in his honor to recognize his efforts to provide a chance for streetcar fans to find out what it is like to ride a vintage streetcar in its native element - on the streets and in the subways of cities all across North America. In the near future, the JDERHS also hopes to arrange streetcar charters overseas! JDERHS charters include a long day of riding and photographing vintage streetcars followed by an evening of good food, drink, and camraderie at a local-flavor restaurant.

Mission Statement

The JDERHS mission is to keep the memories of our street railways alive.

The group will acheive this goal by chartering wherever and whenever streetcars from the past are available.

The JDERHS travels North America (and soon the world) to experience a ride back into yesteryear, with an eye to the future.

Past Charters of the JDERHS

TTC #4500 on JDERHS charter 8/17/97. Photo by J. N. White.To date, over thirty JDERHS charters have been operated. The following is a partial list of the past adventures of the Jack Doyle Electric Railway Historical Society, and the streetcars they chartered:

Upcoming JDERHS Charters

RTA #945 on JDERHS charter 5/3/92. Photo by J. F. Doyle.Dates and availability of equipment may be subject to change, but will be updated as necessary:

  • 9/16/2001 The JDERHS's First Overseas Charter - Blackpool, England - For several years it has been a dream of the JDERHS to organize a streetcar charter overseas, and now it's here! You don't want to miss this one! Head across the Atlantic and join us in Blackpool, England for a special charter on one of Blackpool Transport's unique and interesting double-deck trams. Blackpool is home to the first electric tramway in England, and now it also holds the honor of being the last traditional city tramway in Great Britain. Fare for this charter will be 20 (approximately US $28.50 as of mid-August). For more information, please contact Jack Doyle at (708)246-1435.

    Charter Conditions

    Vintage equipment availability is subject to change without notice, and may include substitution with modern equipment. Charter passengers agree to hold the hosting transit authority, the JDERHS, and other charter sponsors harmless in the event of injury or loss, however caused. In any case, the total liability shall equal no more than the fare paid. By boarding car and paying fare, the ticket holder agrees to the above conditions.

    Charter passengers also agree to follow the directions and instructions of transit personnel and charter coordinators in the interest of safety.

    Shooting of game from windows, carrying of livestock, spitting, and use of ungentlemanly language is not permitted. Gambling is permitted as long as 10% of the pot goes to the JDERHS. Please note that in the event of a power failure or disabled equipment, all men and able women will be expected to get out and push.

    For more information on the JDERHS and upcoming charters, e-mail me, or check the other JDERHS websites at:

    Rocket Operator's JDERHS Page

    Streetcar Toronto JDERHS Page

    PRT #8534 on JDERHS charter 11/5/95. Photo by J. N. White. SEPTA #2724 on JDERHS charter 6/30/91. Photo by J. N. White.

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