Layle Giusto - Home Fires

Mark Holden and Terry Redding are definitely people of the nineties. Mark needs someone to provide quality care for his small daughter because his rapidly growing business requires that he put in long working hours. Terry, divorced mother and recently downsized out of her office job, hires on for the position.

Very quickly they realize they're attracted to each other. No way, Terry promises herself, will she become involved with her boss. Her disastrous marriage has made her wary. Once is enough, she adamantly says.

She's not my type, Mark tries to convince himself. Besides, who has time for romance, he adds when he is dealing with ever increasing business problems. But through all the problems, they are drawn increasingly more together until one pivotal night.

It is Mark who offers what to him appears to be the perfect solution but their problems are only compounded when both ex-spouses show up to cause more confusion.

HOME FIRES is about a couple coming to terms with all the challenges of the nineties -- child-care, ex-spouses, money -- to prove that their own HOME FIRES warm the best. This book was used to introduce Kensington's Book Club.

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