Layle Giusto - Wind Across Kylarmi

WIND ACROSS KYLARMI (Kylarmi is a South African word meaning 'my home'), is about life in the Caribbean. Jock Faucon has vowed not to mary but he wants Laurie Warner and Jock always gets what he wants. He has his own priorities. He's sworn to catch the smugglers involved in his sister's death. Besides Jock has learned the hard way that women can't be trusted. Yet, despite all of his plans, their relationship soon spirals out of control -- his control.

Laurie Warner is an African American dancer, working in sunny Nassau, Bahamas. Then she meets Jock. In no time, she's caught up in his luxurious lifestyle. But when Laurie falls head over heels for him while he has no intention of loving her back, she knows she's in trouble.

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