Layle Giusto - Sweet Promise

SWEET PROMISE answers the age old question -- can there be a second chance once love has been betrayed? Four years ago, Turk Johnson (heavy-weight champion of the world) and Cindy Stewart (sister of a local community activist) fell in love during a hurricane relief effort on a Caribbean island. Their plans to further explore their relationship in New York never occurs due to the machinations of her brother and his manager. Four years later, they discover that their love hasn't died. If anything, it's stronger. But there is one problem that creates more complications than ever before -- their son, Markie. Cindy must face her deepest fears and Turk must rid himself of the ghosts from his childhood if they're to win at love. SWEET PROMISE is not only an emotional story about Cindy and Turk, it is also a story about two families.

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