Layle Giusto - Silver Love

Geoff McMillan has always been a wild one, but to Sara Turner, whose known and loved him all her life, that didn't stop her when he came back to claim her as his own. They come together against their families' wishes to face the challenges against their love. SILVER LOVE takes the reader through the turbulence of their love, beginning with their marriage till the eve of their Silver wedding anniversary.

SILVER LOVE, due out late February is the story of a couple and their relationship that spans twenty-five years. Does love fade and die with time or can it be forever renewed at each of life's passages?


Suddenly, as if by magic, Geoff heard the whisper of faint foot falls. He sensed her nearness. It was as if she'd heard his heart beat. The hairs on his arms swayed.

Still barefoot, she stood in the light that spilled through the opened door.

She was just inside the doorway and like a gentle doe appeared to sniff the air. Because he was standing perfectly still in a shadow outside, she hadn't seen him and probably had no idea he was there.

She moved through the opening as light as a fairy. Without causing a ripple of air to move, she went quickly across the front porch and tip-toed down the stairs. Every motion she made was of rare wondrous grace. When she ran across the grass, his heart started pounding and he could barely breathe. She was gone before he could reveal his presence.

She was obviously looking for her sandals. Not seeing them, she came back and walked slowly up the stairs. As she neared him, he held them toward her. She wasn't startled and he wondered if she'd known he was there all the time.

"What are you doing out here?" she asked. She didn't take the sandals.

"Looking for someplace to smoke."

"Nasty habit. You'd better not let my mother know you're smoking on her porch."

"Okay, I won't tell her."

"But then, you always did have nasty habits..." Her words shocked him for a moment until he realized she was joking. "That's because you were always a nasty little boy..."

She looked at him from the side of her eyes and he thought, what a fool men were for a beautiful woman. She sauntered a few feet and there was a gentle and incredibly sexy sway to her hips. He followed as if he had been chained to her.

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