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This is just a no frills personal web page. My server gives me 30 megs so I'm using it. Its just about what I do. I opened this web site in 1996 and it's never been down more than an hour!

Astronomy and telescopes are something I've done all my life. My scope is a 20inch f5 Newtonian reflector that I built from scratch. I call it "The Bucket 'O' Photons". The views are breathtaking. The trailer is what I had to build to move the telescope.

My favorite hobby is building high power rockets (HPR). There some great pictures here. I am NAR and Tripoli L3 and the president of NEPRA (North East Pennsylvania Rocket Association) NAR section 614. 

The latest project is testing HPR components. I lurked on the RMR newsgroup for a long time and I got tired of the arguments like: This glue is stronger than that glue or this material is better than that. No body ever had any definitive proof. I always live by the motto:

"In god we trust, all others bring data"

So I stepped up and offered to test HPR components. With science.

Which brings me to: I do have a real job. I'm the Chief Metallurgist and Laboratory Director at General Dynamics - OTS, the operating contractor of the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant. I wrote a "layman's terms" FAQ about steel metallurgy. There is a link to it below. 



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