HAL 9000

I built this server when the P3 850 CPU and a 100 fsb was super fast. It's still a great server in my house, networking 4 other computers. I haven't built a server since, but this was a great project. 

Yeah, OK, the HAL 9000 thing has been done to death but so what? It's my machine and I can call it what I want. This is a another hobby of mine. Building the be-Jesus out of a computer from scratch. Check it out.

Modified 25" Full tower server case with two 80 mm fans and one 120 mm fan. Slide out motherboard panel and toolless thumb screws. Candy apple red... Yeah Baby!

Power Supply
Enermax 550 Watt power supply with two temperature controlled and monitored fans

Abit BX133 RAID with a Intel 440bx bios chip set and Soft Menu 3 with 4 hot swappable IDE channels

Pentium 3, 850 100 mhz FSB "flip chip" running at 120 mhz, overclocked to 1.02 ghz with a Swiftech MC370-0A using Artic Silver thermal compound

Monitoring System
Digital Doc 5 Monitoring 8 temperature and fan locations

Ability to boot in any OS loaded: Win ME, 98se, Advanced Server 2000 (and now XP.)

640 megs from two 256 meg SDRAM, PC 133, ECC, 8NS, 23x72 3.3v 186 pin Un-buffered DIMM 
and 1 128 meg SDRAM, PC 133 ECC, 8NS Memoryman

Hard Drives
4 (yes four) Maxtor 7200 rpm, ATA 100 30 gig hard drives, with two fans each, 3 in removable HDD racks and UDMA 100 rounded cables configured as RAID 0+1 controlled by High Point. These removable  hard drive racks are a real sweet deal. You can swap slave drives in seconds. This means you can use a hard drive like a CD ROM. I have a stack od HDD's ranging from 5 gigs to 30 gigs, just as media storage and back-up.

Video Card
Voodoo 4 4500 AGP overclocked  at 80 mhz, with a modified CPU heat sink and 60 mm fan mounted using Artic Silver epoxy. (I cut the end of my finger off working on this!)

Sound System
Sound Blaster PC1512
Altec Lansing sound system with 12" subwoofer

10/100 NIC card
SMC 10/100 6 port Network HUB routing my two other machines

CD ROM Drives
Sony 32x8x8 CD burner
Iomega 12x10x32 CD burner

HP Scan Jet 3400C

Panasonic 3.5 floppy with rounded cable

Iomega ZIP 100

Other Peripherals and Stuff
56k Best Data External USB Modem
Belkin 6 port USB HUB
Logitech Wheel less USB mouse
PCI 80 mm fan
17" E210 Sony Trinitron monitor at 800 x 600 at 85 mhz

Cyber Power 700 amp, software controlled and auto shutdown

HP DeskJet 842C USB

If you were counting, that's 17 fans. OK I'm a fan freak. But over clocking is a bitch and generates allot of heat. That's why I had to get the 550 watt power supply. I have never needed all 17 going at the same time. The Digital Doc 5 (DD5) usually only has a few of them running at any one time. The ones not controlled by the DD5 are the HDD fans and the CPU fan. And they are on all the time. I let the motherboard monitor the CPU temp and fan. 3 of the four hard drives are in removable racks. Each rack has two fans.

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