Drake's HPR  Pics

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Pics of Some of My Birds


My son holding Andromeda

Up-scale USS Andromeda

Erica_W_Prometh_2.JPG (52686 bytes)



prom5.jpg (144978 bytes)

Wiring up the air start motors

prom1.jpg (132995 bytes)

About ready for launch


Prometheus_2.JPG (37362 bytes)

On a K1050 and four J330's

T_prometheus.jpg (58307 bytes)

Pic by Bob Theobald

cjerk.jpg (43774 bytes)

Circle Jerk

Armageddon.jpg (38918 bytes)

My L3 Certification Build

KW-02F.JPG (67799 bytes)

L3 Armageddon out to the pad 

Drake L3 Armageddon 9.jpg (20508 bytes)

L3 Armageddon on an AMW L777WW

Fam.jpg (48560 bytes)

Could be my favorite rocket?

damraam.jpg (83819 bytes)


DAMRAAM on a J350

DAMRAAM - J350 for my L2 Cert.

damraamlaunch1.JPG (12419 bytes)

DAMRAAM - J350 for my L2 Cert.

X10initiator.jpg (79748 bytes)

X10 Initiator Wireless Video Camera Rocket

PML AMRAAM 2 on H128 - Level 1 Cert Flight

PML AMRAAM 2 - H128  for my L1 flight

Wahoo.jpg (483544 bytes)

Wahoo I161

SR71 Blackbird on an E15-P -- Glide Recovery

SR71 Blackbird - E15-P

SR71glide.jpg (93079 bytes)

SR71 Blackbird Gliding in.

My Daughter holding the Armageddon

DG&A Armageddon

DocsArmaged.JPG (48933 bytes)

Armageddon - I284

drakesarmagedgo.JPG (48136 bytes)

Armageddon - I284

Drake L3 Armageddon 15.jpg (15810 bytes)

Drake L3 Armageddon 8.jpg (21003 bytes)

Drake L3 Armageddon 9.jpg (20508 bytes)  

Drake L3 Armageddon1.jpg (67860 bytes)

L3 Armageddon


drake-copter.jpg (134577 bytes) drakepup.jpg (62752 bytes)

Bull Pup

Drake's Bullpup RR 2.jpg (57955 bytes)

Bull Pup on home made red propellant

Drake's Bullpup RR 4.jpg (76006 bytes)

Bull Pup

MVC-007F.JPG (36087 bytes)      


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