Who The Hell Is The Drake?


I am a 41 year old guy living in Scranton Pennsylvania. Born and raised in Detroit, lived in Seattle for a couple of years, and moved here to NE Pa. in 1998. Before I moved here, I had never heard of Scranton. What a culture shock! I donít suppose I need to tell you about my hobbies, except that among the obvious, Hockey rules and camping is cool when I can bring the scope.

I work at the Scranton Army Ammunition Plant, operated by General Dynamics - Ordinance and Tactical Systems. (General Dynamics bought Chamberlain Manufacturing in 2006.) We make artillery shells for the U.S. Army, Navy, Air force, and a few rounds for NATO. We produce every thing from the 105 mm M1 HF1 for the Air Force's AC130U "spooky" gunship and 120mm mortars, to the 155mm M795 high fragmentation round and the 155mm M107 for the Howitzer. (Yes they still use the Howitzer)

 I am the Chief Metallurgist, and The Laboratory Director for General Dynamics. I specialize in failure analysis, but I am also responsible for heat treating processes and all material specifications and testing. 

I became a Master Mason and member of the Factoryville lodge #341in April of 2000. I am also a member of ASM, and the ASM affiliate societies of HTS and IMSSAE Aerospace and ASTM. I am on the ASTM Technical Committee E28 for mechanical testing. 

 I'm also a member of the NEPRA and NAR, Level 3 certified and on the L3CC committee.

Below is a link to General Dynamics - Ordinance and Tactical Systems, Scranton and our products.


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