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MQH Kennels has been raising English Mastiffs since 1978 . During that period we have tried to contribute our best efforts to make the breed a viable extension of its original working domain. That is to say we have been driven to breed Mastiffs that are socially stable, stout, sound, and supremely statured. Our breeding program has produced MCOA National Specialty Class Winners including Best Puppy in Show and MCOA Sweepstakes winners. We are currently in the sixth generation of MQH Kennel Champions. MQH bred Mastiffs have also been the recipients of MCOA Health awards. Our Mastiffs have become central to the efforts of top quality breeders around the planet. We have a generational lineage of OFA Hips , OFA Elbows, PRDNA, and CERFs. Our pedigrees are current with a well planned foundation from the best pedigrees of the past .

We selected the Mastiff as a breed of choice because we felt, more so than any other giant breed, they are extremely hardy, well mannered, tractable, and temperamentally stable. Our initial assessment has not left us wanting. We have thoroughly enjoyed the last twenty five years shared with our companion dogs and look forward to many more rewarding experiences with them.

To see pictures and learn more about the MQH English Mastiffs view this link to our Mastiff page!

Who's Stick Is This?


In our search for a breed that would compliment the Mastiffs and our lifestyle at our ranch, in the mid 80's we found the Patterdale Terrier. The Patterdale, also known as Fell Terrier, is essentially a small terrier bred to hunt vermin. It is used to destroy pests that are damaging to field crops, food stores, and vectors of disease. Their hunting ability makes them the "Elite of the Terriers." We imported our original two bitches from England and have been in love with Patterdales ever since. MQH Patterdales is a founding member of the Patterdale Terrier Club of America and a recipient of a "Certificate of Achievement" for our effort in producing the top quality Patterdales available in the United States and across the globe! This breed is an excellent household companion, extremely easy to train and well mannered. The Patterdale is not excessively hyper and does not demand attention to the point of distraction. Kind and gentle with people, their loyal, trustworthy nature stands them in good stead when it comes to alerting their owners concerning strangers at the door. Totally fearless in demeanor, they are commonly used for hunting, trials (such as go-to-grounds), and events where their ability to pursue game (Flyball and Lure Coursing) is displayed. We are very pleased to present this exciting new breed as an alternative to some of the more standard, smaller sized canine companions and field dogs, you may be familiar with.

To see pictures and learn more about the MQH Patterdale Terriers use this link to our Patterdale page!

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