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Horse Camp 2003

We offer Horse Camp several times a year call for dates and space availability. Horse Camp is a fun way for kids to get immersed in riding and learn good horsemanship. Both the farrier and veterinarian makes visits where the riders see them practicing their trade and get to ask questions. Hours of riding time allow the children to find out if owning a horse is right for them.

    Children ages 8 years to 18 years can participate
  • Learn good ground skills, grooming, saddling, bathing
  • Basic Riding, Western Horsemanship
  • Care and Management, Feeds, Farrier, and Health Needs Bella The youngest vet! She is GOOD! Dr. Colbert, she's sweet!

    Imagine, a chance to vaccinate, de-worm, and listen to both heart and intestinal sounds! Ever done that?
    MQH Horse Camp will allow you to truly experience horse husbandry!
    What did your friends do at the other horse camp?
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