We have proudly owned Patterdale Terriers for over two decades.
Our first Patterdale was bred by Patty Holt, a long time friend and hunting companion of Mr. Brian Nuttall. Patty was one of the first importers of Patterdales from England to the United States. She owned such greats as Nuttalls Rocky, Nuttalls Ricky, Nuttalls Raven, and Oprah.
Patty was looking for a way to improve her Jack Russell Terriers and found something much better, the Patterdale Terrier.
Our intended use for our first Patterdale Terrier was as vermin control on our ranch and grove, ground squirrels, rabbits and mice are a problem because of the plentiful food supply. She served this purpose perfectly, eliminating critters everyday with unbelievable intensity, however she also became a family pet because of her obedience and stable nature. The little Patterdale was eventually killed. Heart broken, I immediately contacted Brian Nuttall in England and bought two more females, which he delivered a few months later. They became the foundation of our breeding program,Desiree and Josie. The following year we bought Grip since then we have never looked back! We have raised some of the finest Patterdales in the United States. Many top name kennels are using pups from this original cross as their foundation. We will continue to raise Patterdales of the highest standard,


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