Think You Might Be Interested in a Patterdale From MQH?

It is easy to become enthusiastic about the Patterdale Terrier. It is a rare breed that does exceptionally well as a "citified" pet. It is easy to become a Patterdale owner . . . to find out more read on!

These terriers are quickly becoming the rage! About the same size as a Jack Russell, they are great hunters and companions. Their affectionate and easy going temperament makes them uniquely suited for home companions. They are very tidy and not destructive of furnishings or personal items. Patterdales come in a variety of coat colors and coat types (smooth or broken).

MQH ships these terriers all over the world. We are familiar with the requirements of many shippers and understand the necessary steps required to freight Patterdales successfully to any destination. We have been quality trainers/breeders of animals for over 25 years. Our wealth of experience has allowed us to offer our Patterdales to you regardless of where you are located. The effort we put into our breeding program and the care we take in raising all our animals allows us to offer an outstanding value to any family or individual, wishing to own the very best.

Our breeding program is extremely limited, email us to find out what is available at this time. We'll be happy to talk to you and provide details.

email us at MQH Patterdales

OR send us snail mail at this address:

1484 Monroe St.
Riverside, CA.

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