Sixth Grand McGeady Family Reunion in Donegal

Right after I set up this page, I found the official McGeady Clan Reunion page. I'll leave this information up just to encourage you to attend, but you should go to the official page for the latest information.


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Mary Taylor’s McGeady Page

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See Old Photos of Donegal – perhaps from your ancestors’ time






This Reunion will be held at the Mount Errigal Hotel in Letterkenny, County Donegal on Saturday, August 16, 2003.


If you come in on Friday night, August 15th

Informal gathering at the Hotel Bar and Lounge. Details will follow.

Saturday, August 16th

Registration will begin at 12 Noon


The function at 1 p.m.  Base price is $50 or the equivalent in Euros.  Children will be half price. (Children’s meal) five and under (sharing) come free.  Irish band and dancing. Elongated family tree.



Sunday, August 17th

Bus Ride to McIlhenny’s (Glenveagh) Castle on Sunday at about 1 p.m.

We will also probably stop at the Grianan Aieleach The Ancient Fortress (800 A.D.) of the Kings of Northern Ireland.

A $10 bus charge or drive your car. More fun on the bus.


Spread the word.



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Contact the organizers at


For air fares:  Check the airlines for sales.  The airlines I’ve heard of that go to Ireland are
Aer Lingus (of course), American Airlines (they partner with Aer Lingus), British Airways, and, maybe still United.  Of course, you can also try Cheap Tickets and similar sites.



Here is an example of a sale fare:


I found an airfare quote for $486.20, including taxes and fees to travel from BWI on Friday August 15, 2003 and arrive in Shannon, Ireland, around 8 am and departing on August 28. It’s the lowest price I could get, and I had to plug in different start and end dates.  This would give us about 12 days there. If we left on August 29, it would cost us 566.20 total, and if we left on August 30, it would cost 645.04 and we’d have to go back through JFK in NY.  However, if we left Ireland on August 31, we would have 15 days in Ireland and the cost of the flight, round trip, would be $516.20, which might be worth it.  The prices could get worse, as the discount seats fill up.  The sale ends on January 14 – tickets must be purchased by that date.  For group fares with Aer Lingus, you need a party of 10.  They had a sale in 2000 called Friends and Family where a group of 4 could go for a cost of about $500 apiece.  Check the Internet and the phone line, as the Internet may have fares not available by phone.