Augusta County (VA) Heritage Book

The Augusta County Heritage Book Committee is looking for stories from anyone having roots, current or past, in Augusta County, VA.

Remember that Augusta County at one time extended through what are now seven states: VA, WV, TN, KY, MD, PA, OH. Its territory extended at one point up to the Great Lakes.

Excerpts from brochure:

You and your family are important to the Augusta County Heritage book Committee--so important that we cordially invite you to assist in the publication of our county history book!

All families with residence, former residence, or roots in Augusta County, VA are asked to submit their family history to be published in 1997-8. Stories of 500 words and one picture will be printed free for each household. Additional words @ 10 cents each. Additional photos @ $12.50 each per column width in publication. Deadline for receipt of these stories and photos is November 1, 1997.

In addition, if your ancestors were in Augusta County by or before 1850, you may submit a free 500-word story and picture (one per household) which will be considered by the committee for publication.

We are especially interested in church, club, organizational, and community histories.

Story is to be:

How do I write a family history?

  1. Native or Newcomer, we want your story!
  2. When did your ancestors first come to our county? Why?
  3. What contributions have they and you made to life in our county?
  4. Includes dates of birth, marriages, and deaths within your family.
  5. Tell of childhood experiences, school days, and other incidents.
  6. Include your job, residence, and mode of transportation, hobbies, or pastimes.
  7. Basically tell all you can so that future generations will know their ancestors.

Any story that does not embarrass or harm any other individual will be published in the Augusta County Heritage Book.

Only a limited number of these beautiful books will be printed by the Walsworth Publishing Company. (Once the Rockingham County book went to press, its cost rose by $20. It has not yet been released, but one can expect the price to go up again as a collector's item.)

Our book will be 9" x 12," beautifully hardbound in roxite buckram with an exquisite gold stamping on the cover and spine.

Only those who order and pay in advance will be certain of getting a copy.

Orders must be received by November 1, 1997.

Cost varies based on taxes and shipping:

Out of state residents:--$47.00 each copy

VA residents: if picked up in Staunton--$44.50 each copy; if shipped to your address--$49.00

Send stories and orders with check or money order to:

Augusta County Heritage Book Committee
P.O. Box 1005
Staunton, VA 24402-1005

If you have questions or need help or want more information call:

Herman A. Price, Jr. 540-942-9029

James W. Taylor 540-942-4772 E-mail address:

Anne Harris 540-885-3333

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