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Clinebell Family Page

Welcome to the home page for Clarence M. Taylor's Clinebell ancestors (and for links to other Clinebell family researchers).

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We haven't gone back very far in Clinebell research, but you can see a report of what we have so far on the Clinebells.

The Clinebell Surname

Here are some statistics about the Clinebell surname:
Clinebell is the 38,368th most popular last name (surname) in the United States; frequency is 0.000%; percentile is 83.756

A posting from a Clinebell researcher gives some idea of the possible origin of the name:

Am interested in any information concerning Clinebell or Kleinboehl. My great great grandfather was George probably "Kleinboehl" who was born in Germany about 1822. He came to the US about 1845 with a wife Name unknown. They had a daughter named Louise and the wife died here. George returned to Germany and married Maria Christina Roth, who was born in 1828. We beleive that George had a brother Julius, who was lost track of; as was Louise. Her name may have been Ludwig, and she may have lived in the St. Louis area. Any interest??? or Knowledge???

Here's the site where posted:

Other Clinebell Researchers:

Regina Clinebell
Joe Clinebell researching Martin in Greenbrier County, WV

Joe Clinebell researching Flowers of Edgecombe County, NC
Larry Quinto - researching our Clinebells!
Greg Clinebell in Arizona researching a Staunton, VA Clinebell
Researching WV Clinebells
A Clinebell in the Staunton Spectator
Researching Beatrice Clinebell
Clinebell Hawley-related to Roanoke Clinebells


Clinebell Home Pages:

Christine Clinebell

Sites With Clinebells Mentioned:

A Howard Clinebell and wife, Charlotte who are renowned for pastoral counseling:
Web sites:
Clinebell Institute:
Articles: (in German)
You can find many more using a search engine.

A John Clinebell and a Sharon Clinebell, professors at Montford College of Business, University of Northern Colorado:
John Clinebell
Sharon Clinebell
Some sites that mention at least one of them:
You can find many more using a search engine

A Debbie Clinebell who is a junior high science teacher in Waterloo, IL:

Clinebell Ice:
How You Make the Ice:
What people do with it:

Clinebell poets:
Ethel Clinebell
John Clinebell

Clinebells in Schools:
Penn State
Middle TN State
Lee University - golfer
NC High School Track Star - 
Mike Clinebell
Biblical Scholar & Fireman
Concord College
Augusta County Schools
Agnes Scott College
University of Arizona (John Clinebell, Strategic alternative Learning Techniques)

Clinebells in various states:
Nebraska (Includes a Maude)
Arizona (Tina Clinebell)
New Jersey  (Computer-aided dispatch: Clinebell, James) 

There are also Sawyers in NJ descended from Clinebells

Virginia (Bob Clinebell, Virginia Beach, VA)
Washington (June Clinebell)

Musical Clinebells:
John Clinebell
John Clinebell, webmaster

Clinebells in Many Contexts:
Rotary: Don Clinebell
Mental Health Assistance: Jeanne Clinebell
Kiwanis: Paul Clinebell,_2001.htm
Rick Clinebell article
Computers in the Classroom: Clinebell & Clinebell
Clinebell Court Cases (mentions Clinebell v. Commonwealth - VA) (mentions re visitation rights)
CFO: Kenneth Clinebell
American Saddlebred Horse Association
Databases: Bob Clinebell

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