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The Egan\Eagein Family

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This page is dedicated to the Eagen family, particularly the three Eagens--two brothers and a sister--who came to the United States in the 1880s & 90s. We believe they came from County Clare, but possibly from County Galway, County Cavan or County Mayo. One (their mother) or both parents had drowned while fishing on a lake. A storm may have come up suddenly. The daughter (at least) was raised by her father's brother and his wife.

The three who came that we know of were named Ellen [Mary Ellen or Ellen Mary], Michael, and Aloysius Octava. Sometimes their last name was spelled "Eagen," sometimes "Eagan" or "Eagein."

(Mary) Ellen [or Ellen Mary ] is the one about whom we know the most. She is my Great Grandmother. Aunt Mil says that she told her that her name was Mary Ellen, but people called her "Ellen." She was Aunt Mil's mother-in-law. (Mary) Ellen's husband was James Joseph McCann.

(Mary) Ellen was born in Ireland on November 1, between 1873 and 1876, we believe, but possibly earlier. I believe the year to have been 1873 (the year reported in the 1900 Census), since she was about 4 years older than her husband and lied about her age and required him to do so. I believe she switched their years of birth, giving her own to him on his death certificate. Ellen's obituary does not mention her birthplace.

She gave birth to 4 children, 3 of whom survived: (James) Joseph Aloysius McCann (born January 1899), Mary Ellen Francis de Sales McCann (born November 9, 1900), and Philomena Veronica Genevieve McCann (born in 1902).

We know very little about the two brothers. Aloysius is the one about whom we know the least. Michael showed up inthe 1900 Census and reported that he came to the U. S. in 1888 (at about age 16) and was naturalized. His month and year of birth is reported as September 1871.  One of Ellen's brothers went back to Ireland. One was an "Indian fighter." An Army record we found of a soldier named Michael Egan serving in the Arizona Territory in the 1880s, where Cochise and Geronimo were still fighting, reported Galway as his birthplace. Galway has a huge lake near it, nestled in the mountains. If the Eagens' parents were fishingon that lake when they were drowned, a storm coming from the West might not be seen until it was upon them.

I am trying to find descendants of both brothers and to locate their birthplace(s) in Ireland. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who might give me some help in this search.

Their mother's maiden name was Malone or Maloney (possibly Leary). If I were to guess her parents' full names, I would say they may have been Aloysius Eagein and Mary Ellen Malone.

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