Eagein\Egan\Eagen Brother(s)--"Indian Fighter"

(With our apologies to our Native American brothers and sisters for the expression and the history)

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Is one of these soldiers Michael Eagein\Eagen\Eagan\Egan? Is one of these soldiers Aloysius O. Eagein\Eagen\Eagan\Egan? Are two of these soldiers Michael and Aloysius?

According to Curator Michael Winey, U. S. Army Military History Institute, this is not a picture of Regular Army soldiers. Rather, the soldiers are "undoubtedly a Chicago (Illinois) based National Guard unit from the period 1881 to 1895 and were an Irish unit from the design of their spike helmet plates."

However, the historian at the Illinois National Guard sent me photocopies of regulations about uniforms and spike helmets of the Regular Army and they matched what you see below.

An Army record we found of a soldier named Michael Egan serving in the Arizona Territory in the 1880s, where Cochise and Geronimo were still fighting, reported Galway as his birthplace. It is not certain that this man was the Michael Eagen we are searching for.

At least one of the soldiers in this photo is an Eagen.
I am listing here links to sites for genealogically related military records as I come across them, although that area is not my primary focus:

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