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Taylors' Massanutten Gathering 2001

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Hello . . . This page is for the Taylor family and their professional and recreational use. There are six members of this family (if you don't count our birds, Friggie & Waldo Junior). Although all were born either in Philadelphia or South Jersey, the Taylors currently reside in Herndon, Virginia.

Charles Taylor ("Chuck") is the Dad. Chuck is a graduate of Temple University School of Political Science and Temple University School of Law. He is an attorney and works for the (U.S.) Mine Safety & Health Administration.

The creator of these pages is Mary T. ("Theresa") Taylor. She is also the Mom. Mary has a B.A. from Rutgers University- Camden Campus.She likes to take computer courses at Northern Virginia Community College. She was an employee development specialist at the U. S. Department of Labor, but now works for the Department of State. Her hobbies are genealogy, computers, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Keirsey Temperament Sorter, activism, and gardening. Her activism focuses on peace (she organized a multi-faith candlelight vigil every Friday during the conflict in Bosnia), campaign finance reformand on the right to initiative and referendum for Virginians. Lately she's been too busy to be an activist, so she writes parodies.

Here is a more recent picture of the Taylor children (Teri, Bob, Marc, and Jim):

This is a photo of Teri.

This is a recent (May 01) photo of Teri.

And a more recent photo of Teri at Kim Giambalvo's wedding, May 2001.

Another Mary T. Taylor, "Teri," is the oldest child and only daughter.She is is a graduate of Herndon High School and a graduate of George Mason University. She majored in International Relations.  She currently works for an Internet company.  She used to work for ,the company that lured her out to California. She lives in Millbrae, just a little south of San Francisco, CA. When Jimmy visited Teri in August 1998, his favorite site was Alcatraz. San Francisco is located on the west side of the bay. Here's a 3-Dmovie of a flight over the area from NASA. And maybe near the San Andreas Fault, so we worry about earthquakes, but she doesn't. Teri's hobbies are traveling, photography, dancing, softball and attending rock concerts and Giants' baseball games. Since she visited Yosemite, she may be taking up camping and hiking and has started skiing. She does a lot of biking and runs in charity races. She has relatives who live in Clayton, near Walnut Creek. Both are near Mount Diablo.

This is Bob relaxing in an Irish pub after another day of driving.

Robert ("Rob") Taylor is a graduate of HerndonHigh School. He is also a graduate of George Mason Universityand is a tariff analyst for the Airline Tariff Publishing Company, which is located near Dulles Airportand also has an office in London.He also assisted the Herndon High School Marching Band as a staff member and lately assists at South Lakes High School. (He formerly played the French Horn at HHS and at Louisiana State University.) He also plays rugby and soccer. He lives in Fairfax, VA. He and a friend have a web site, Bob and Teri did most of the driving throughout our 13 day trip in Ireland--on the wrong side of the road over narrow roads with BOTH parents in the car. He needed to relax a little.

Marc Taylor  is a graduate of Herndon High School.  Since then he has attended Belmont Abbey College and is continuing his education at Northern Virginia Community College.  He works at Comsearch.He is talented in Math and as a drummer. In high school he belonged to Herndon High School Bands: the Marching Band, the Symphonic Band, then to the Wind Ensemble and to the Jazz Band. He is in a cover band called Three Sense Shy and an original music band called Signs Point to Yes.  He helps with South Lakes High School Band. 

This is Jim's graduation picture, June 2000.

Jim Taylor is a graduate of Herndon High School. He currently attends Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and works for MotoPhoto. His hobbies are computers, video games, attending rock concerts, and deejay-ing. He taught himself to play the guitar. He is talented at Math, creative writing, and computers.

This is Schwartz in our back yard.

Schwartzkopf was part Labrador Retriever and part English pointer. He got his name because we got him during the Persian Gulf War and because he has a black head.  He passed away in August, 2000.

We now have two birds, Friggie, a female green parakeet who flew into our back yard a few years ago, and Waldo Junior, a blue parakeet, gender as yet unknown, purchased by Marc in September 2001.

This is a picture of our house after the Blizzard of '96.

This is a picture of our house after the Blizzard of '96.

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