Descendants of James Mc Cann

Generation No. 1

1. JAMES1 MC CANN was born July 1844 in Ireland. He married JANE CATERSON 1870, daughter of ROBERT CATERSON and ELIZA ROBB.

Notes for JAMES MC CANN:
Per 1900 Census, came to U. S. in 1863, and was naturalized.

Month and year of birth per 1900 census:  March 1845. Per 1900 Census, came to U. S. in 1860.  Last name sometimes spelled with 2 Ts.  She and family were Protestant.  She became a convert.

Children of JAMES MC CANN and JANE CATERSON are:
3. ii. JAMES J. MCCANN, b. February 24, 1876, Haverford, PA; Villanova, PA baptized; d. February 26, 1947, Philadelphia, PA.
iii. THOMAS MCCANN, b. August 1876; d. June 05, 1965, Wilmington, Delaware maybe.
iv. JANE MCCANN, b. September 1881; d. March 27, 1976, Philadelphia area?; m. JOHN J. FERRY.

Notes for JANE MCCANN:
Date of death from "holy card" with no saint's picture in Mom's box of pictures. Name given as Jane M. Ferry, and the date March 27, 1976.

Notes for JOHN J. FERRY:
Name taken from Jane McCann's death certificate from signature of funeral director.

v. PETER MCCANN, b. May 1888; d. Delaware, maybe.

Generation No. 2

Per Vera, Morgan was Aunt Minne's husband's name.

Per the 1910 Census, Jennie McCann was enumerated with Michael J. Morgan and was his sister-in-law.


3. JAMES J.2 MCCANN (JAMES1 MC CANN) was born February 24, 1876 in Haverford, PA; Villanova, PA baptized, and died February 26, 1947 in Philadelphia, PA. He married ELLEN M. EAGEN, daughter of EAGEN and MALONE MALONEY Abt. May 6, 1896 (the date their marriage license was granted), possibly at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, as that was on the front of their marriage license.

Notes for JAMES J. MCCANN:
On their marriage application, James Joseph McCann reported his place of birth as Radnor, PA; his date of birth as February 24, 1873; his residence as 527 S. Front Street, Philadelphia; and his occupation as milk dealer. "There was no certificate attached to the license at the time of microfilming" was noted. On the front of the license is the number 85175 and there is in handwriting at the bottom "St. Vincent De[?] P."

Mary "Ellen" Egan McCann's death certificate reports her birth date as Nov. 1, 1876, as given by Mrs. P. McCann, but Mary Theresa, her granddaughter, says that Ellen always lied about her age and had James McCann lie about his age because she was four years older than he and it bothered her for people to know. Somehow I figured her year of birth to be around 1874. She reported James' year of birth to be 1873. Perhaps they switched years?

They lived in the Tasker Project when they died, per Aunt Mildred. Passyunk homes, per Mary Theresa, rented little place on Penrose Ave and Aunt Phil & Uncle Gene rented a big house down the street.

When Mom (Mary Theresa Parker Schmidt) would visit them, Pop (James J. McCann) would be really glad to see them, and she would always go to him. Everyone who knew him just loved him. She (Nanny) expected to run everything, to do everything. He was the sweetest, sweetest man.

In the picture of Nanny and Pop with a baby, the baby is Joseph.

Vera McCann agreed that everybody loved Pop. "Well, he was a handsome man. And very pleasant. He liked everyone and everyone liked him."

My mother (Mary Theresa) said that when I was born, Pop said, when he saw me "She's like an angel come down from heaven." (An example of the nice kind of thing he would say.)

Vera said, "He drove a trolley car for Southwest Trolley. Then the company went out of business and they came to live with us."

Notes for ELLEN M. EAGEN:
On their application for marriage license, James Joseph McCann gave her name as Ella Mary Eagen, her place of birth as Ireland. A line was drawn through the date of birth and (age 22 years) AD 1873 was noted. Ella's residence was No. Coulter near Hancock Street, Germantown, PA and her occupation was given as domestic.

Ellen Egan McCann's death certificate reports her birth date as Nov. 1, 1876, as given by Mrs. P. McCann, but Mary Theresa, her granddaughter, says that Ellen always lied about her age and had James McCann lie about his age because she was four years older than he and it bothered her for people to know. The 1900 Census reports her birth month and year to be November 1873. She reported James' year of birth to be 1873. Perhaps they switched years?

Vera says Ellen came to U. S. through NY. The 1900 Census and the 1910 Census report her coming to the U. S. in 1891.

When Mom (Mary Theresa) would visit them, Nanny would them her and the others to "sit down. don't be running around." Mom would go across and visit Aunt Phil. Her cousins were there, particularly Tommy, who was her age and whom she liked.

See notes for James J. McCann.

Mary Ellen says that her mother has in her papers a map of Ireland that is supposed to be from Nanny.

Vera said that Nanny said her brother (Vera's not sure which one) "got arrested for selling firewater to the Indians somewhere out in the Mid-West."

Vera said that while she herself always thought that everyone came into the country through New York, the ones who knew Nanny said she came in through Baltimore.

While my mother, Mary Theresa, said that she always thought that the Scanlans were Nanny's sponsors to the US, Vera said that the only Scanlans she knew were relatives of her father. Mom said that Mary Scanlan was a friend of Mom Mom's.

Vera said that Nanny came over to the US to her girlfriend Mrs. Anderson. Mrs. Anderson had three daughters and a son. She thinks one daughter's name was Edna. She agreed with the inference that they must have been friends in Ireland.

Vera agreed that Nanny would not have applied for citizenship papers. "Well, she became a citizen when she married Pop."

Vera said that Nanny always said that she came from somewhere in the center part of Ireland. There were a lot of lakes, or at least some, because her parents drowned on a lake.

Vera and I talked (11/16/1997) about how many women in the family were good with their hands at craft kind of things--Mary Ellen and the dolls she makes, Aunt Joan, my mother loved to crochet, Mom Mom did even more so, Vera loves to knit and crochet and sew--she was crocheting something for the Veterans Hospital, my sister Betsy loves to do crafts. Vera said that they get that from Nanny. Nanny taught her to knit and crochet and sew. She tried to teach her tatting, but Vera made too many knots.

According to Aunt Mil (see letter), when she and Uncle Joe were living with Nanny and Pop, she saw Nanny become furious when she found out that Mom Mom had named her first daughter Blanche. Aunt Mil, who was pregnant at the time, told Nanny that if the baby was a girl, Aunt Mil would name her after her. When Mary Ellen was born and the nurse asked her what name she wanted for her daughter, Nanny was in the room. "Mom," Aunt Mil said, "Tell her what your name is." Aunt Mil says Nanny said, "Mary Ellen." Aunt Mil told the nurse, "That's what her (the baby's) name is.

My conjecture--other than maybe just an ego trip--could Nanny have been trying to preserve the names of her parents in her descendants? Could Nanny's parents have been named Aloysius and Mary Ellen?

On 11/22/97 in a telephone conversation Vera said that Nanny talked a lot about Leprechauns. She remembers Nanny talking about Clare a lot and about a lot of lakes. She seemed to think again that Nanny came from Clare, unless it was Mrs. Anderson or Mrs. Scanlon, her friends.

Children of JAMES MCCANN and ELLEN EAGEN are:
4. i. JAMES3 (JOSEPH-1910 ,1920) ALOYSIUS MCCANN, b. January 18, 1899, Philadelphia, PA baptized St. Philip Neri Church 1/29/1899.
ii. UNKNOWN MCCANN, b. Aft. 1900.

Per 1910 Census, Ellen had 4 children born to her, but had 3 living in 1910.
Per 1900 Census, Ellen had 1 child born and 1 living, so the child that died or was stillborn had to have after James Joseph Aloysius.

5. iii. MARY MCCANN, b. November 09, 1900, Philadelphia, PA; d. December 01, 1976, Lakeland, NJ.
6. iv. PHILOMENA GENEVIEVE? VERONICA MCCANN, b. November 22, 1902, Philadelphia, PA; d. April 1982.

Generation No. 3

4. JAMES3 (JOSEPH-1910 ,1920) ALOYSIUS MCCANN (JAMES J.2 MCCANN, JAMES1 MC CANN) was born January 18, 1899 in Philadelphia, PA baptized St. Philip Neri Church 1/29/1899. He married MILDRED FIORELLA in Philadelphia, PA, daughter of JOSEPH FIORELLA and SARAH VOLPE.

Notes for JAMES (JOSEPH-1910 ,1920) ALOYSIUS MCCANN:
According to Vera McCann Haring and Census records I've seen, his name was James Joseph Aloysius McCann.

Children of JAMES (JOSEPH-1910 and MILDRED FIORELLA are:
7. i. MARY ELLEN4 MCCANN, b. March 01, 1926, Philadelphia, PA.
ii. JOSEPH MCCANN, b. Philadelphia, PA.

5. MARY3 MCCANN (JAMES J.2, JAMES1 MC CANN) was born November 09, 1900 in Philadelphia, PA, and died December 01, 1976 in Lakeland, NJ. She married WILLIAM THOMAS PARKER , JR. May 29, 1917 in Philadelphia?, PA, son of WILLIAM PARKER and MARY MCCARRON.

Notes for MARY MCCANN:
(Francis \de Sales\, Ellen?) I recall Mom Mom saying she was named Mary Ellen after her mother, but she didn't go by Ellen, but signed as Mary F. Vera (11/16/1997) said she knew Mom Mom had four names. (Nanny seemed to like using several names.) That would fit with Mary Ellen Francis De Sales. When I mentioned this to my mother, she said she thinks so, too.)

Mom Mom loved to crochet. She said her mother tried to teach her to knit, but she really didn't like it or pick it up well.

i. WILLIAM?4, b. 1918; d. buried Old Cathedral?.
8. ii. WILLIAM THOMAS PARKER III, b. May 27, 1920, Broad St. Hospital, Philadelphia, PA; d. September 23, 1987, Philadelphia, PA.
9. iii. BLANCHE PARKER, b. February 04, 1925, Methodist Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.
10. iv. MARY THERESA PARKER, b. February 23, 1928, Philadelphia, PA.
11. v. JOAN MARIE PARKER, b. July 08, 1932, at home, Frankford area of Philadelphia, PA.
vi. CATHERINE PARKER, b. July 08, 1932, at home, Frankford, Philadelphia, PA; d. July 08, 1932, buried Parker plot, Holy Cross cemetery?.

6. PHILOMENA GENEVIEVE? VERONICA3 MCCANN (JAMES J.2, JAMES1 MC CANN) was born November 22, 1902 in Philadelphia, PA, and died April 1982. She married EUGENE JOHN MCCANN September 17, 1921 in St. Monica's Church, Philadelphia, PA.

Generation No. 4 & 5

Not given because many of this generation are living.

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