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Important News! Get information about the 6th Grand McGeady Family Reunion

We regret to report the passing of Paul McGeady this past Thursday, June 14, 2007, in New Orleans. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers. Paul's work uniting the McGeady families has connected many current generations of McGeadys to their ancestors and to their Irish and American heritages, and we know that our families across the veil are welcoming him and thanking him for keeping alive their memories and connections with those of us here in this life.

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Mary McGeady Taylor, born June 4, 1913 in Philadelphia, PA, was the child of Charles E. McGeady (McGady), born about March, 1880 in East Mauch Chunk [now Jim Thorpe], Bethlehem, PA, and Mary Ellen Brennan, born September, 1883 in Schuykill county, PA. Mary was the second to youngest child in that family, which included Edward ("Ned") McGeady (Brother Gratian in the Christian Brothers religious order), born about 1903; Helen McGeady Loughery, born about August 31, 1905; James McGeady, born about 1907; Charles ("Doodge") McGeady, born about 1909; Catherine McGeady Walsh, born about June 16, 1911; and Alice McGeady (adopted name: Smith), born some time after 1913. Mary Ellen died giving birth to Alice. Alice was raised by an aunt (her mother's sister?) and uncle in Wilkes Barre, PA.

Charles McGeady's father was Edward McGady (McGeady), born in Ireland in December 1845.

Edward and John McGeady served on the Union side in the Civil War.  Ben Nevis researched their records and the battles in which they were fought and wrote a book of his findings:  Edward and John McGeady in the Civil War.

(Click to see pages from Edward McGeady's diary: diary1, diary2.) His mother was Ellen Dever, born in Ireland about 1845. (Ellen had a brother, John, born about 1847.) Their children were: daughters: Eleanor McGeady; Katy McGeady, born about 1865; Agnas McGeady, born about 1872; and sons: John McGeady, born about 1877; and Charles McGeady, born about March, 1880.

It seems that Ellen may have died, because around 1893, Edward married a woman named Cecelia, who had a child named Lottise H., born about 1884. Edward and Cecelia had 2 children: Amelia C. McGady, born August 1894, and Edward McGady, born December 1897.

Edward McGady's (McGeady) father was John McGeady, born about 1815 in Ireland. His mother's name was Nancy, born about 1820 in Ireland. Their children were John, born about 1840 in Ireland; Edward, born in December, 1845 in Ireland; Mary McGeady, born about 1847 in Pennsylvania; Bridget McGeady, born about 1854 in Pennsylvania; and Mannas, a son, born about 1859 in Pennsylvania.

For more information, click here to read the findings of Paul McGeady's research.

This is Mary McGeady Taylor's ancestor tree.

McGeady News

In Memory of Eamonn McGeady, a tribute by his nephew, Stuart McGeady, and Eamonn's obituary in The Sun

When you read this article, you will find a couple of errors. Jim Morgan put a wreath on his ancestor Michael's grave (not Charles McGeeady) and the next McGeady Reunion is in 2003, not 2004 - see the link to the 6th Grand Reunion (above), which links to the official Reunion page. Article about the McGeady Reunion 2000

Study of an Irish Schoolhouse, Gweedore, County Donegal, includes a link to a letter from a McGeady descendant who went to a McGeady Reunion in Ireland over 13 years ago and whose mother went to this very school.

Tom Mathews, piper and McGeady descendant at Reunion 2000.

Paul McGeady video and bio at Touro Law Center Cyber Conference 1997 Paul appearing as counsel in a Supreme Court Case

A page about Steven McGeady at the 5th World Wide Web conference.  There are audio and video clips of his presentation.  Steven testified against Microsoft in the suit by the Justice Department.  Here is one article. And another. Here's a partial transcript and here's an article in The Washington Post. Here's mention of him again in relation to website analysis. Scott McGeady is a typo for Steven McGeady.

Go to Edit, choose Find and enter McGeady.  It will take you to the place in this page where Sister Mary Rose McGeady is mentioned.  Sister is descended from the Hazleton McGeadysHere's another mention of Sister's books.  Sister in the news in the Las Vegas diocese and mentioned in the New York Times article about Covenant House founder.

McGeady Pictures



Ed Crowley Family (Mauch Chunk McGeadys)

Paul McGeady Family (another McGeady family)

Allentown McGeadys

Hazleton McGeadys







Ed and Cecile Crowley and Mrs. Edith (McLaughlin) Lukasevich (representing Jim Thorpe Town Council)& Patrick Crowley in foreground

Paul alone and Paul with Mr. Godwin Paul on left

Jackie and her sister

Sister Mary Rose McGeady 


 A couple of Crowley boys: Daniel and Patrick Crowley





 The Crowley girls and their proud grandmom, Cecile Crowley: Left to Right-Emily, Cecile Crowley, Katarina, Cecile Zurawa (Ed & Cecile's daughter), Sarah, and Kayla












McGeady Establishments

McGeady's Town Pub in Monroe, MI

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---Steve McGeady's web pages for the "Baltimore McGeadys"

---Steve has set up a website for all the McGeady websites to gather

McGeadys in this genealogy

Links to Pages that mention a McGeady:

(Since McGeady is not a very common name, there's a better than usual chance someone with that surname might be related to Chuck's Mauch Chunk McGeadys.  I can't do this for Schmidts, Brennans, or Parkers, since there are so many people with those surnames.).

Jackie McGady-Saier listed as an official McGady/McGeady researcher. Here's her Family Research Page.

Stephen McGeady, MD, on the editorial board of Pediatric Asthma, Allergy & Immunology at Jeff in Philly. On this page is listed a presentation by him.

Another McGeady, Kathleen, associated with the legal profession

A J. McGeady is Top Teacher at St. Andrew's Secondary in Scotland. Lucia McGeady is a practitioner of Action Research.

A Rick McGeady who races model cars.  Wonder how he did in the Pinewood Derby, if he was a Cub Scout!

Eamonn McGeady, co-sponsor of Chesapeake Hospice Charity Regatta, according to Inside Annapolis and taking a side in a debate. Another McGeady, Christina, in Ireland, finished a Fun Walk for Hospice. Lisa Ann McGeady finished an Ocean View 5 K.  Kieran McGeady finished a 5 mile run in Texas. Bridget McGeady is a Lacrosse star and so is Joe McGeady. And Mairead McGeady helps others be fit. Roy McGeady is a tennis champion. As is John "Speedy" McGeady.

Andrew McGeady, usher at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in NJ

Patrice McGeady - another McGeady in Public Relations/Media.

A John McGeady (19 years old) was passenger on a ship arriving in Australia in 1861. Patrick McGeady arriving in 1859.

McGeadys on the Stardust Microchips heading to Comet Wild 2 to make a 2004 visit.

As it turns out that there are a lot of McGeadys on the web, I'll stop here.  If you want me to add a McGeady link, send me an e-mail.

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Link to the best list of genealogy helpful links I've seen so far:

Cyndi's HomePage

Compuserve's Roots Forum (where I got my start with online genealogy and some great responses specifically related to our families).

Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. I've forwarded information about this newsletter to many people. This is an easy way to access it.

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