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Menzies Family Homepage
(pronounced Men' gies)

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The Menzies family is an ancestral line of the Schmidt portion of the family. Caroline Menzies is the great grandmother of Jim Schmidt (James Joseph Schmidt, Sr.).

See the partial ancestor tree for Jim Schmidt toward the bottom of this page. (My ancestor John Menzies' birth year may actually be 1810.)

See a list of the children of John Menzies, as many as I've found. 

See a descendants report of all deceased generations of John Menzies.
Through the courtesy of Virginia E. Kulik of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Loudon Parish, the following addresses are provided:

Here is an address for The Highlander, a Scottish heritage magazine. I have never seen it, but plan to try a subscription:
The Highlander-- Phone: 708-382-1035; Fax: 708-382-0322
P. O. Box 397
Barrington, IL 60011

Here are some addresses for Clan Menzies Society:

Scotland: Mrs. Audrey Paton, 110 Seaview Terrace, Edinburgh, EH15 2 HQ

US: David Mathewes, Rt. 1 Box 530, Canton, NC 28716
They list the following names as part of the Clan Menzies: Dewar, (Mac)Monies, Mennie, Minnus, (Mac)Menzies, (Mac)Mein, (Mac)Minn, Meyners, (Mac)Means, Monzie

New Zealand: Dennis Menzies - not only gathering organizer, but accomplished researcher of Menzies families!
12 Stratford Street
Marlborough, N.Z.

Other Menzies Home Pages:

We received two pictures of Castle Menzies: one provided by John Menzies of Orlando, Florida and the other provided by John Menzies of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. To save space, since both are of the same lithograph, there is only one image linked here.

Being a few generations removed from the chieftainship, John Menzies of Aberdeenshire offered to forward more information on Clan Menzies, the Castle, etc., and I gratefully accepted his offer. Here is some history of the Clan Menzies, provided by John, as well as an article on the Traditions and Roles of the Clans.

John Menzies of Orlando, Florida has a signet ring with the crest of the Clan Menzies (see below), and he has the original die, dating from the 18th Century, for casting it.

This is the dress tartan of Clan Menzies:Dress tartan of Clan Menzies
This is the everyday tartan of the Clan Menzies:The everyday tartan of Clan Menzies.
This is the hunting tartan of the Clan Menzies. What appears to be black is actually green. This attractive red-and-green hunting tartan drew admiring comments from Queen Victoria when she first saw it. The hunting tartan of Clan Menzies.

This link is to a larger version of the hunting tartan, provided by John Menzies of Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
This is the tartan of the Clan Menzies recorded in the Vestiarium Scoticum by J. S. Stuart and C.E. Stuart in 1842. The Menzies refer to their clan colors and the White and Red.
This is the red and white tartan of Clan Menzies.

Links to information on Clan Menzies:
Celtic Net

Historic Roots: Clans of Scotland

Highland Traveller



Also provided by John Menzies:
The clan crest. Described in heraldry as:- A savage head erased Proper

Motto is translated as:- Will God I shall
Plant Badge:- Menzies Heath (Heather, Erica Carnia Menzius)

Part of Jim Schmidt's ancestor tree:
Ancestor tree

Link to the best list of genealogy helpful links I've seen so far:
Cyndi's Home Page
Compuserve's Roots Forum (where I got my start with online genealogy and some great responses specifically related to our families).
Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. I've forwarded information about this newsletter to many people. This is an easy way to access it.

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