The material below was furnished by Paul McGeady. I have made a few changes in sentence order, added some prepositions, made a few extra paragraph breaks, and made some punctuation changes. Otherwise the wording is as I received it. The research is entirely his, in most cases confirming mine, but in some cases of details in dates, in conflict with mine.

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The McGeadys of Mauch Chunk
The Two Families

There are two distinct McGeady families who located in Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania in the 1840s. Into this bustling community the first McGeady families in America arrived driven from Ireland by the famine. These pioneers, in what a few years before was an Indian wilderness, today have distinguished descendants on the Eastern Seaboard. The original McGeadys and their McGeady families are still fondly remembered in the Mauch Chunk area. The eponymous progenitors were Michael McGeady of Mauch Chunk proper and John McGeady of "The Liberties" of Mauch Chunk and later East Mauch Chunk.

The Land They Left Behind Them

Mauch Chunk in 1840

Michael McGeady

John McGeady of The Liberties

At this Third Grand McGeady Reunion we salute the intrepid Mauch Chunk McGeadys—John and Edward and all of their wonderful descendants.