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Each family name below is planned to be a link to a page which gives basic information found so far in Mary's ("Theresa's") and Chuck's families.

This is a picture of Mary Agnes (Mickey, nee McGeady) Taylor.

This is a picture of Mary ("Mickey,") and Clarence ("Ty") Taylor.



This is a picture of Jim and Mary (nee Parker) Schmidt.

This is James Joseph ("Jim") and Mary Theresa Schmidt. 



Link to the best list of genealogy helpful links I've seen so far:

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the InternetCyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Compuserve's Roots Forum (where I got my start with online genealogy and some great responses specifically related to our families).

Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter. I've forwarded information about this newsletter to many people. This is an easy way to access it.  Now it is also the Genealogy Home Page.

These are the main families I am researching. I plan to have each name link to a page dedicated to information related to that family:

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Talent Corner

An actress in the family . . .  Ms. Megan Schmidt - Click for full photo This is a photo of Megan Schmidt, singer and actress- Resume

Pictures from the PRESENT

Presenting . . . the latest family additions:

Granddad Bill and Grandmom Polly (not shown) are pleased and proud to present their first grandchild, Mason Cole Taylor.

Mason Cole Taylor, Bill's & Polly's first grandchild.


His grandparents Betsy and John, are especially pleased and proud to present their daughter Ena's recent contribution to the family, Sonny:

Pictures From The PAST

Reserved for Pictures Loaned by Family Members for Scanning and Inclusion.

This is a picture of Elizabeth McQuaid Schmidt. She lost her husband to a work accident and raised their four small children. Those who knew her said she was a "sweetheart." She died at 44 years of age.

This is a picture of Elizabeth Marie McQuaid Schmidt.

This is a picture of Mary McGeady at age 4. Her mother had died in childbirth when Mary was just a toddler. Mary and her brothers and sisters were, in effect, orphans, but they all became happy, successful adults.

This is a picture of Mary McGeady at age 4.
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