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The earliest Schmidt ancestors we know of in our family are August and Henrietta Anne Schmidt, who immigrated to the United States in the 1870s from Germany and settled in Philadelphia, PA. We are not certain of where in Germany they originated. From what some members of the family have told us (repeating German words they heard or that it was the beer-making area), we believe they were from either Prussia or Bavaria, though it is possible that there are roots in both areas, and it is also possible that they came from somewhere else.

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Here is a genealogy report, made with Family Tree Maker, of August and Henrietta's descendants:

Descendants of August Schmidt


[GSB=Grandmom Schmidt's Bible]


Generation No. 1

1. AUGUST1 SCHMIDT was born April 1837 in Prussia, Germany, and died October 21, 1901 in Philadelphia, PA. He married HENRIETTA ANNE SCHMIDT in Germany.

Children of August Schmidt and Henrietta Schmidt are:
i. BERTHA2 SCHMIDT, b. Abt 1866, Germany; m. TATUE?.


2. ii. CATHERINE SCHMIDT, b. December 1868, Germany; d. unknown.
iii. ELIZABETH SCHMIDT, b. Abt 1871, Germany.


3. iv. JOHN H. SCHMIDT, b. August 23, 1875, PA; d. Abt July 25,1958, buried Fernwood Cemetery 7/25. Lot106, Sec22.


v. CHARLES SCHMIDT, b. Abt 1879.

Generation No. 2

2. CATHERINE2 SCHMIDT (AUGUST1) was born December 1868 in Germany, and died in unknown. She married WILLIAM ADDIS.

Children of Catherine Schmidt and William Addis are:
i. FANNY3 SIELER, b. July 1888. (Showed up in household, uncertain if their child.


4. ii. MARGARET ADDIS, b. September 1889.


iii. EDWIN ADDIS, b. March 1894.


5. iv. BERTHA OLIVER ADDIS, b. September 1898; d. April 1979.


6. v. KATHARINE ADDIS, b. 1903.

7. vi. WILLIAM ADDIS, JR., b. November 12, 1908, Philadelphia, PA.

3. JOHN H.2 SCHMIDT (AUGUST1) was born August 23, 1875 in PA, and died Abt July 25, 1958 in buried Fernwood Cemetery 7/25. Lot 106, Sec 22. He married EVELINA MOUNTAIN CHELLEIS EVERETT, daughter of William Everett and Caroline Menzies.

Children of John Schmidt and Evelina Everett are:


8. i. JOHN HENRY3 SCHMIDT, b. October 05, 1897, Philadelphia, PA; died September 18, 1923, Philadelphia, PA.
9. ii. HENRIETTA ANNIE SCHMIDT, b. August 30, 1899; d. December 31, 1993, Gloucester County, NJ?.


iii. CHARLES F. SCHMIDT, b. August 10, 1901; died February 08, 1904.


iv. LILLY E. SCHMIDT, b. June 22, 1902; d. November 04, 1902.


v. BERTHA EVELYN SCHMIDT, b. August 04, 1903; m. JOHN JOSEPH KEANE, September 28, 1923.


vi. WILLAM A. SCHMIDT, b. February 28, 1905; d. January 05, 1907.


10. vii. AUGUST F. SCHMIDT, b. July 19, 1908, Philadelphia, PA.


11. viii. KATHERINE S. SCHMIDT, b. May 10, 1910, GSB-K.S. Schmidt; died July 04, 1947, Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, PA.

Generation No. 3

4. MARGARET3 ADDIS (CATHERINE2 SCHMIDT, AUGUST1) was born September 1889.

5. BERTHA OLIVER3 ADDIS (CATHERINE2 SCHMIDT, AUGUST1) was born September 1898, and died April 1979. She married GEORGE VOGEL.

6. KATHARINE3 ADDIS (CATHERINE2 SCHMIDT, AUGUST1) was born 1903.She married (1) BILL UNKNOWN. She married (2) CHARLIE SEAKER.

7. WILLIAM3 ADDIS, JR. (CATHERINE2 SCHMIDT, AUGUST1) was born November 12, 1908 in Philadelphia, PA. He married MILDRED JOHNSON May 28, 1929 in Westville Grove (Bertha Vogel's home), daughter of Augustus Johnson and Anna Marshall.

8. JOHN HENRY3 SCHMIDT (JOHN H.2, AUGUST1) was born October 05, 1897 in Philadelphia, PA, and died September 18, 1923 in Philadelphia, PA. He married ELIZABETH MARIE MCQUAID June 25, 1917 in Philadelphia, PA, daughter of Terence McQuaid and Marie King.

9. HENRIETTA ANNIE3 SCHMIDT (JOHN H.2, AUGUST1) was born August 30,1899, and died December 31, 1993 in Gloucester County, NJ?. She married HARRY H. HUBER March 09, 1928 in Philadelphia, PA, son of George Huber.

10. AUGUST F.3 SCHMIDT (JOHN H.2, AUGUST1) was born July 19, 1908 in Philadelphia, PA. He married SOPHIA LAPATRICK November 29, 1933.

11. KATHERINE S.3 SCHMIDT (JOHN H.2, AUGUST1) was born May 10, 1910 in GSB-K.S.Schmidt, and died July 04, 1947 in Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, PA. She married (1) LUTHER WENSLAWSKI December 24, 1938. She married (2)RUSSELL WESTON February 16, 1946.

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